Monday, July 14, 2014


In 1876 the world came to Philadelphia for The Centennial Exposition.  The telephone was introduced. Pedro II, emperor of Brazil made the first call. Coal powered monorails whisked passengers around the perimeter of the grounds. And modern detective practice coalesced out of , well, basically nothing, in order to catch all the murderers. Killers seem to like world's fairs. That's just the way it is. Everybody knows that. I think it was once a question on Jeopardy. Alec said - World's Fairs.... and a Dipsy Doodle champion from Texas answered - What do killers love?... She won.

'Black Marias,' primitive, horse drawn patrol wagons clattered through the streets, stuffed full with cutthroats, doxies, grifters and purse lifters. If you want to read about that era, google a fine, historical novel called THE BLACK MARIA by Mark Graham.

I referenced them to illustrate a point. What goes around, comes around. And Black Marias are back.... Only now the glossy, dark, lead-lined vans collect vampires and other unusual beings unable to sublimate through the dense, soft metal. You see, some government types embrace the enchanted world, while others curse it... That battle's been raging since Salem.

Our modern versions disgorge their load into the maw of the new 'lead room' hastily constructed beneath the haunted, though artistically arranged (and open to the public... don't miss it Halloween Time) medieval looking, two hundred year old, fortress-like bastion that is Eastern State Penitentiary. Vampires and other little known entities writhe in a  pitch black cacophony of terrified shrieks and laughter. Periodically the space is dowsed in gasoline and set afire, the only guaranteed way to destroy night-folk.

But our hero, Tomas, and his consort, Sarah, rest safe within the vast, sterile bowels of Doctor Franklin's Anti-Enchantment Bureau. The name means nothing. Had to call it that way back when. They're almost all healed now. Luna, the other vampirina is too. Don't know what's happened to the rest of the Philadelphia contingent. Edith, their New Jersey Pine Barrens witchy-woman, housekeeper would know. But she's out there and I'm (it's me, Billy) locked in here with them.

And this wasn't supposed to be like that. They expected a big, paranormal vindication... a once and for all acknowledgement and acceptance. Even Bigfoot came. Well, you know there's more than one, obviously. But I don't know how many showed up. They say some vampires are with the mole people, others walked into the sea to join the merfolk. Vampires can do that. Oxygen's nothing to them.

Even Doctor Franklin's afraid. Someone seems to be scanning his files... the digital ones, I mean. And The Bureau, with all its technological /scientific know-how can't stop it. 

I don't know how long he can last. Hope they don't kill us all...

They say there's a door down below.. how many levels I don't know, that connects to the mole people... gets you into the tunnels.

God, I wish I knew where it was...


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