Thursday, July 17, 2014


SCENE - Doctor Franklin's vast, cutting edge, research facility, beneath The Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Technicians and functionaries race down a bright, sterile passageway. Lights flicker. People scream. Small, tactical concussive bombs thrown by advance squadron of 'Black Knights,' covert U.S. government forces used to confront magical types and crypto-biologic creatures. Bodies shatter. Limbs fly off. Eyes liquefy . Tongues sizzle, swell like baked balonies and explode. A female wearing  a white lab coat throws squirming mer-folk toddler, as her torso splinters into a million bits in an almost fireworks-like nimbus of blood. But a Black Knight catches the pudgy sea-child before it smacks against the polished concrete floor.

Up ahead, DOCTOR FRANKLIN, the vampire TOMAS, his consort SARAH, the vampire-physician LUNA and their 'verified' tweeter/ blogger, BILLY make a mad dash for safety, accompanied by various hangers-on. The mad doctor, astride his souped-up  electric scooter, wispy hair flying in the wind leads them.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - You fall, you're dead. That's it. We're not stopping.

BILLY pivots 'round to catch a glimpse of their pursuers. TOMAS grabs him, just as a severed human head ricochets off the walls, floors and ceiling, bouncing passed DOCTOR FRANKLIN who unceremoniously smashes it under the wheels of his vehicle.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - Careful the blood! 

More Black Knights round a corner up ahead. Our heroes are caught... (maybe)...

DOCTOR FRANKLIN yells - The guns! The guns! Shoot 'em! shoot 'em! Shoot 'em!

They pull out little 'glass' pistols with a series of carefully ground, crystalline discs mounted in the barrel. LUNA fires off a shot. 

The crotch of one of the dark, spandex clad Black Knights up ahead vibrates for an instant before disengaging into sub-atomic particles and raining down upon the floor. He tries to run, awkwardly, but crumples down and dies. DOCTOR FRANKLIN whoops!

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - Watch my head! 

TOMAS fires (all the time running). Black Knight number two loses an arm plus a big hunk of shoulder, tries to run, but it's a little rough maintaining balance. SARAH vaporizes his cranium. BILLY eviscerates the last one. losing a belly full of slightly digested mac and cheese upon the floor.

And the 'Knights' behind them keep on coming.

Our heroes slip and slide on the bodies, as they follow DOCTOR FRANKLIN  'round a corner toward an opened portal leading to a 'safe room.' Then, the ceiling above their heads begins to sweat... then leak... then cave, as an interior 'tsunami ' floods the hallway, washing them into the waiting refuge...


A twenty four inch thick crystalline slab (ever so slightly milky) slams down sealing them off, as two Black Knights smash against its exterior surface. DOCTOR FRANKLIN (struggling to his feet) thumbs his nose at them, as he leads them up some steps to a round chamber lined with fluted alcoves.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - Get in. Get in Get in!

Each follows his lead, grabs an alcove and buckles up.... Nothing happens.

Tomas - Oughtn't you Say something, old man???

FRANKLIN smiles.

Then WHOOSH!!! The round chamber streaks up a cylindrical passage, like a sealed canister in a pneumatic tube. Seconds later they break through and rise above a battle, as government operatives, local Philly cops and Anti-Enchantment Bureau personnel slug it out... A few errant Bigfoot creatures and other 'guests' from the exotic 'hotel' (really a menagerie) join the melee.

Three heartbeats later, the mysteriously powered crystalline conveyance (harmonics, Doctor Franklin's science of choice, requires quartz-like substances) 'mates' with a circular opening on the under side of a large, silently hovering, midnight black, triangular air craft (who knows? maybe space craft too?). Seconds layer, crew members tricked out in snug, updated, navy blue and white, eighteenth century Continental Army uniforms help them out and lead all into a grey hushed salon with ergonomic recliners. Each takes a seat...

EXTERIOR SHOT of huge craft, as it ascends above dazzling, nighttime cityscape and flies off...

Back inside....

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - We knew this was coming. I've had offers. The Russians want me... The Chinese... The Canadians...

SARAH - The Canadians? 

He nods.

SARAH - Who brokered that?


BILLY stifles a laugh.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - Don't judge. Quite the operative, that one. It's all just a cover.

TOMAS - And your decision? 

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - As your countrymen say, my dear boy, 'Que sera, sera.'... (to smartly tricked out crew member) Some grog, please, Jedidiah....

Seconds later they slice through an aurora kissed ionosphere into the endless vault of space... 

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John L. Harmon said...

Action packed...and not just the vibrating crotch!