Saturday, July 19, 2014

the Phil Spector Wall of Sound <~~~ let me tell you why we have this up... 7/19/14

A lot of people on TWITTER were talking about a 'might be' film focusing on legendary classic rock producer, Phil Spector's early days, entitled SOUND MAN

If you crave rock and roll-prime, listen to the clip up above. Some say JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT considered for the young Phil. And don't forget the pivotal RONNIE SPECTOR role too~~> (LIKE WALKING IN THE RAIN). Picture a younger ROSIE PEREZ. Maybe she could still play it?

My dream is to see PHILADELPHIA AFTER DARK, the coherent, simpler script that came before Vampire Wonderland (picture a quirky vampire love story with a bit of conflict and adventure thrown in) made into a movie with all my favorites from the Phil Spector canon on the sound track. If you'd like to hear lots more, google Phil Spector material on You Tube.... TONIGHT I MET THE BOY I'M GONNA MARRY and all that.


Learn about it...Part of the AMERICAN MUSIC BIBLE. 

< and a lot of KNOWN people were really talking about this..... oh, that TWITTER thing up above is clickable> 

If you want some good Vampire Wonderland material, google BINGO BOY by Billy Kravitz or EL RANCHO TEXACO by Billy Kravitz , click on the top choices and press OLDER POST or NEWER POST when you get to the bottom.. BINGO BOY's a quirky (my word of the day) gritty, under the Philadelphia 'el' tracks romance between kids working in a smoke filled, storefront bingo hall, with a few murder victim ghost narrators. Make a good indie film.

OK, that's it. Almost 4:45AM here. Time to go to sleep, or maybe get up for work. 

Til next time. 


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