Sunday, August 15, 2010

Philadelphia After Dark the book of Sarah

First of all, we must agree that what comes next is fiction. Please excuse any errors made in the use of this device. It is new and very strange to me. I grew up in an age of bee's wax candles and ink made from the crushed bodies of little cuttle fish. Contemporary forms of  'electronic' magic make me dizzy. The new, wide screen colour televisions scare me. It's as if lurid paintings in old frescoes  suddenly spring to life. Lipstick scares me too. Greasy face paint. All of it. I suppose that's because I am a being of the night and accustomed to a more subtle form of illumination. My name is Tomas and I have been here since the time of the first Lord Protector, William Penn. The red brick, cobbled, mellow by-ways suit me. The small, multi-pane windows. The marble front steps. The accents with their broad vowels and sharp, hard curb-side inflections. Philadelphia provides a natural stage for the nocturnal arts. You know. You saw that movie, The Sixth Sense. Be brave. Take a midnight stroll through the silent, narrow mews of  the old city. I'll see you there. But fear not, for I have never taken an innocent soul in more than three hundred years. Well, almost never. There are vows. There are rules and most of us 'rarely' break them. At least  the other  life-eaters I share the town with. You'll meet them. Perhaps you've already seen them? Perhaps you've already seen me. Maybe you've heard me whistling in the dark. The Teddy Bears Picnic is a favorite of mine. When you go out in the woods tonight, you're in for a big surprise.  The nighttime streets of the city are like woods, you know, filled with scared, little rabbits and quick, sly foxes. But me?  I'm more like a snake, or maybe a cat, a cold, patient, fastidious killer. I'm careful and I'm neat. And please know that it's not just me. I've never known a vampire to hiss, or thrash about like a  peasant with the Saint Vitus Dance. You'll have to forgive those arcane references. That was an old and much feared malady, from my day. You see, I came over with the Quakers, but I was 'seasoned' even then. Come back. Come back some night when you crave a little more. And may you never know pain. May you never know fear. May you hide from death now and for forever...... Come back....... I'll be here....... Bienvenido al mundo vampirismo!..... Welcome to the VAMPIRE WONDERLAND!
This is how it started three years ago. The first year brought nothing, maybe a few hundred hits at most. Year two took us to the 10,000 point. Year three finds us at 106,000 page views. Maybe not 'viral,' but definitely 'fungal' to say the least.

If you like my brand of weird, pixilated and often twisted paranormal tale telling start here and click on NEWER POST at the bottom, or pick and chose from the whole shebang here~> click on THE WHOLE SHEBANG .....I call it Vampire Wonderland, but they don't run this joint. They just work here. Some months we hardly mention them at all. Visit all the 'arcs.' My favs are THE LITTLE MATCH BOY... EL RANCHO TEXACO... BINGO BOY...MARIANNE IN BRITCHES and that's all I can remember right now. Just GOOGLE any of those titles plus 'by Billy Kravitz' and you'll be right there.... Join our interesting, varied and media oriented timeline on Twitter... a very supportive group. Click on ~> @wilkravitz ... and start screaming, ranting, bragging and pontificating along with the rest of us. Now let me go back to watching Chevy Chase and his family finish their Vegas Vacation. Danke Schoen... (hope I spelled it right)..... Some day, please God, let us all be Mister Papagiorgios....

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