Friday, September 24, 2010

The Book of Sarah

A tramp along death's highway... that was me. I was a few hundred leagues from home and unsure about my current condition. I could not let myself be seen in the daylight, because the Crusaders were all about. True, they would not have spotted me as a Jew, for I was dressed like any other poor traveler. But what if they suspected? What if they asked me to parrot some Trinitarian prayer? I would not have known what to say and could have been killed as a heretic or a Jew. What did it matter? They were not concerned with details, after all who cared about such things when one was on the road to heaven? I slept in deep, dark caves and subterranean Roman ruins. I knew I had been transformed into something 'different', but I did not truly understand what that meant. One night, I tried to drink some cool water from a little stream, but it burned like poison. There was another morning when a tiny pin prick of sunlight found me in the crumbling cellar of an old Roman villa. I had the scar for days. But I am a fast learner. I think I am instinctive when it comes to these matters and I learned quickly. During the daylight, when I was 'sleeping' I would have visions. It seemed that I was seeing into The Realm of The Holy Presence. There was an angel there and he was instructing me. And I knew that I would never kill wantonly. I knew that I would only take the guilty. I now know that most genuine vampires conduct themselves in the same manner. But this age has its own Crusaders and they distort the truth and spread murderous lies . They cry for war and vengence, when they should be praying for something else.  I have borne my burden in many places. But now it is time to speak about the present. It is time to speak about events in Philadelphia. It is time to speak about the coming of our Enemy. Oh, before I 'sign off'' that wilkravitz fellow, my familiar, liked his new sneakers. And I liked my new pair as well. Shhh... I can hear the far off sound of a dog howling. Listen, there goes another one... Our Enemy often uses dogs. Their night song makes me nervous.   May Michael, the Arch-Angel, help us all.

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