Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Book of When Sarah Was Still Mortal. Tomas/Jonathon Relates A Tale From Before.....

Here is a look at how things were two years ago. Sarah is still a mortal... a 'death eater', since mortals eat dead things. Edith is not with them, but the mysterious 'old woman' still is... And yes, Sarah does descend from Tomas/Jonathon's mortal line..... And remember....  first of all, we must agree that what comes next is fiction~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It is getting close to my monthly feeding time.I cannot leave the house. They are watching me. The Old Woman does not leave either. She cannot attend to certain daily business duties, such as going to the bank and other places. Fortunately, I have other 'familiars' who can help me. Some of the best ones, some of the most astute, I can reach via telepathy. They know it is I. They were trained well. Things will get done. If it becomes impossible for me to get to my intended victim (the one I see in visions) , my intended victim will be brought to me. I do not like to do things this way. It usually makes for quite a scene and I am by nature a very discreet person. They cry. They piss themselves all over my expensive carpets. You should see it. Luckily the Old Woman set up an account with Stanley Steamer. But the way things are going I don't know when they would be able to get here. I just hope this victim isn't much for peeing or shitting himself. Offering cash is all right, because we take the cash and kill him anyway. You do not approve? Well, what can I do? Believe me, it takes money to operate a household in this city. I have 'friends' on the police force too. They help me when I have to bring a 'guest' to my home. Not a true guest. Not someone like my 'granddaughter' Sarah. I'm talking about one of those accursed souls whose time has come. Believe me, the police approve of my work. 'Support your local sheriff' they say. Well I most certainly do. Bob and  Baylah are no longer in Atlantic City. They got word through a certain orange-yellow haired real estate tycoon that the enemy was sweeping the area. I do not know how this mortal individual knew this. I suppose he has his own network of familiars too. Well, good for him. I'm told that my two friends are hiding with a backwoods clan of Jersey country folk deep in the vast pine forest covering much of that state. I would wager that in the next week or so some one is going to report a sighting of the Jersey Devil and a very bad local character will coinsidentally go missing, for it is Bob and Baylay's feeding time too. I like having Sarah here. I wish it was under better circumstances, but I like it just the same. Sometimes we spend our evenings sitting in front of the television watching rerun after rerun of The Andy Griffith Show on TVland. I enjoy that program. It comforts me. Would that all of humanity were like the good people of Mayberry. If they were, I would never have lost my family. I would never have become a vampire and Al Andaluz would be a place of peace and brotherhood for my people and for all people. I do so want to see that land again. They tell me there are regions in California quite like it. But I was warned not to go there. California vampires are of the Noxious variety (not Nobel, such as I and my companions) and they do not take kindly to outsiders. I must stop now. Sarah wants me to sit with her while she eats her tuna fish sandwich. Luckily for us, the local grocery store delivers.

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