Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Book of Sarah

The nameless voice speaks again! I like it when I get to talk. It can become quite boring just floating through Creation. Oh, I did see a planet blow up during what you would call yesterday. I think it was a comet. Wait a second. Let me plug into the akashic records....... Yep, a comet. The poor bastards living on that tar ball never even saw it coming. It's a shame. They were nice people. Not humans, but interesting just the same. Moral, God fearing folks. And since they never actually contacted any other dust motes in the void no one will ever know they were here. Somebody might pick up a radio signal or two. They had a hit show a lot like The Beverly Hillbillies, only the family looked more like hillbilly mollusk salamanders. The one who was equivalent to Mrs. Drysdale was funny though. Eight year old mollusk-salamander kids used to piss themselves out of all four polite orifices every time she'd regurgitate bile all over her adversaries. But what's the diff? They're gone now, pulverized into star dust. Gee, that must have hurt. I am telling you - better fund N.A.S.A.. Better suck up to all those 'nerdy' space geeks. You don't want to wind up a streaky cloud of yesterdays news spiraling in to an uncaring sun. Be prepared. That's my motto. Yet since I exist in a realm independent of space and time it really doesn't have much relevence to me. Oh well, back to our earth-bound soap opera..... All the vampires met in that little room under one of those human prayer places they have. Nobody said a word. Oh, the Pow Wow Woman was in there too. She was the one looking through a pile of old hymnals in the corner. But the other ones just sat there. And Bob was the quietest one of all. Tomas looked at him in disgust. Not just disgust, disappointment too. Bob said - I was a different person back then. I can't explain it. I don't know why I was like that. I don't know. I'm sorry. Tomas said - People like you once tried to burn me to death. I survived. The other innocents herded into that synagogue did not. When will people learn? Baylah added - They haven't learned yet. Some of 'em just did practically the same thing to a bunch of folks in a church in Bahgdad. Sarah said - It's's like a person I once saw on The History Channel. They asked him how he could have injected acid right into the hearts of all those little Jewish children..... And he said, and he said, in this almost stage Bavarian accent - But vee are not doink dat nowwwww. Baylah said - I've been thinking of a way to stop Annie... We call the city. We call someone in the Department of Human Services and report a little homeless girl  seen wandering around all alone. She sleeps in unlocked hotel rooms, pees in public toilets, eats God knows what kind of filthy crap. You know. Make it real sad, real heartbreaking, real Little Match Girl kinda stuff. Maybe call one of the news shows too. They love stories like that, especially now with the holidays coming up. They would look for her. They would find her. And even if they didn't, all the attention would at least force her to lay low for a while and give us a little peace. But Tomas did not like that idea. He said - Are you insane?What do you want to do, smash the reality of the supernatural world right into their superficially 'enlightened' faces? Do you want them to once and for all recognize  the truth of it? That's what could happen. That's what would result if they ever got that close. Dios mio!! Do you know how helpless and afraid they truly are?. Do you know how desperate, how superstitious? Do you want to drive them running and screaming back into the middle ages? My God. They'll be burning people out on The Parkway. They'll do it in stadiums. They'll sell programs and souvenirs! No, you can't be serious. Bob said - Please, don't fight about this. I'll do something. I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll do it. Sarah said - What are you going to use..... a bomb?  No one said anything else. Bob just sat there sobbing. And Annie? Annie, the Shaky Hand Man's favorite hand puppet? She killed two more people that night. Gee, don't all the fresh, new red and green decorations look real nice?

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