Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Book of Sarah

This is what I'm thinking. He lets her sleep during the day, the Shaky Hand Man I mean. That's when she has her own, independent dreams. That's when she sees her family. That's when she talks. So maybe he can't control her then, or maybe he goes off to do his own business. I'm not exactly sure. But I did research her family in California. Not what you'd label prime cut. She (Annie) has her own opinion. But what else would you expect a child in her position to say? Do you want to know how I did it? I  focused in on that disembodied spirit. It was easy. He (it, she?) was quite open to the whole thing. Well.... at first he did not want to talk to me, because he doesn't  like the cadence of my speech. He said that vampires are enchanted and poetic creatures who owe it to their public to express themselves in a more artistic manner. I told him I agree. But old habits die hard. He told me he could arrange for me to have a run-in with a truly fine diction coach practicing here in Philadelphia. I thanked him and told him I'd think about it. Honestly? I can work on that myself. All I have to do is watch a bit more Masterpiece Theatre. Really, I learn fast. In a few weeks I'll be a regular Helena Bonham Carter. I told Tomas, but he said that then he'd miss the Jill Clayburgh part of me. That's easy for him to say. He never loses his 'Antonio Banderas' thing. You should hear him do that Nasonex commercial. What? Oh, yes, my plan. This is it. We follow Annie and abduct her when she's spiritually 'alone.'  It'll be rough, since that only tends to happen during the day. And you know how the brightness tends to make our skin break out. But the Pow Wow Woman could do it. I'm sure she could handle it. In some ways she is more adept than we are. And Tomas does still have a few familiars. One or two of them could help. Then maybe we could do something. What if we knew what hotel she'd be sleeping in? We could come up through the underground parking garage, ride the elevator to her floor, send somebody into the room to make sure the drapes were all closed. You know they have 'blackout' draperies in all the holtels? Take her back down to the car. Maybe give her a few drops of our blood (a little from each) to drug her just a bit. Sit in the car playing Old maid and Go Fish til it got dark (I'd bring snacks and drinks from the WaWa)  and then drive her back 'home' and we'd have her. The blood would give her a little immunity to her former captor. I'm sure it would. We could wean her away from him. The disembodied spirit is always mumbling something about the elves and cherubs. I don't know that much about them, but maybe they would be willing to help since Annie  is just a little child and all? I can't picture her being reunited with her tribe out in California. After two  months on the covers of the tabloids plus a sit down or two with Barbara Walters and Oprah, she'd be just another hard-scrabble, borderline abused kid in a trailer park. And ten years later Chris Hanson would use her to fill an hour on Dateline, or whatever they call that show. No. I want more for her. I know. I know. I know. My maternal instinct and all. Look, the world can be a really bad place. I'd just like to do my best to help her avoid some of that. I have to go now. I'm supposed to meet some goth kids from Youngstown Ohio at Little Pete's Coffee Shop. They want me to tell them how to achieve true vampire allure. God, how do I get roped into these things? I don't know what I'm supposed to say. Baylah says I should stop on the way and pick up a copy of Vogue. you know 'sultry looks for chill autumn nights'? I don't know. Maybe that's what I'll do. Everyone else is out too. Thank God for U Tube. Thank God for all the media attention. At least it keeps the big bad wolf away. I mean this is the first time Tomas has been out clothes shopping in weeks and I have a distinct feeling that commisions at Boyd's are gonna skyrocket tonight!  Ooooh, maybe he'll bring me back something from the women's department?!

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