Friday, December 24, 2010

The Book of All Things New

Sarah and the Pineys took care of everything. The 'little ones' had a jolly holiday. The cherubs got mounds and mounds of fleecy stuffed toys and talking dolls. The elves got video games and CD players and CD's. They would have gotten iPods, but the universal mind-reading network (the internet, I think they call  it) doesn't reach this far. Sarah says they never had it hooked up and probably will not be able to. How would we ever explain this domestic arrangement to any cable guy they'd send out? So they make due with the magic singing discs and are very happy. Edith claims she can get us a wireless hook up, but that has yet to be seen. Jonathon (the vampire formerly known as Tomas) made up his annual load of 'bum bags.' He distributes them to homeless men huddling on steam vents and curled in doorways. Each large shopping bag has a blanket, gloves, scarves, a pillow, a few fifty dollar gift cards to various fast food establishments, a solar powered radio and a couple of bottles of something called Old Grand Dad. He's been at it for the last couple of nights, making trip, after trip, after trip. Baylah helps to. She's known as 'the shining angel' in the West African immigrant community, bountifully giving out handfuls of heavy, old, silver dollars to needy newsomers. Some of the little ones, the older ones primarily, the elves, also do what they have always done. They deliver tiny vials of magical restorative blood to struggling, weakened souls throughout the city. The Red Paint folks call this their 'season of prophecy.' Each sits at a table before a stack of clean, heavy weight, ivory paper. Each holds an old fashioned fountain pen. And they talk. And they whisper. And they write down everything that comes out of their mouths. Let me share one of their predictions with you. A kernel of peace will take root in the Holy Land. An era of great reconcilliation will commence. A leader will emerge among the people presently known as Palestinians. He will originate something new (and also very old). He will call his people The Ishmaelis - The Sons of Ishmael. And an agreement will be forged between the Sons of Abraham. There will be Two Sees, The See (state) of Israel and The See (state) of Ishmael. Both will prosper. Each will be brother to the other. And the Israelis and the Ishmaelis will live in peace. Palestinian was never a proper label anyway. It was a name revived by the Romans, showing disrespect for the original inhabitants of the region and calling to mind the ancient Phillistines, a quasi-Hellenistic group, who came in to occupy the land..... Who knows? Maybe the Red Paints are right? They're also calling for an Eagles Super Bowl Win and another Phillies World Series first place finish too. But they said nothing concerning the sports teams in Jerusalem or Babylon (my cities, the cities of Zebulon), so I am still waiting. Jonathon has started giving the Old Woman her blood gifts once again. She gurgles with delight and slurps it right up. You'd think it was maple syrup. Annie grows lethargic. I think it is due to the tiny spirit worms colonizing her tissues. wilkravitz suffers from the same malady. Some of the other humans do too. I am  going to have to see what I can do. Perhaps I will trickle through the ether and see what I can discover. Other spirits know other things.  Oh, Sarah gave Morticia ten thousand dollars in cash. That was a big hit. A few dozen fivehundred dollar Target gift cards were carefully slipped into the pockets of hardworking people on the subway. Some critically ill hospital patients made completely unexpected recoveries. Yes, via tiny gifts of the blood. The Season of Miracles goes on. Look, I know I've said this before, but please do not believe the lies you've heard about 'life eaters' or vampires. They're not like that. At least the 'nobel' ones are not. And to all who occupy tents in the vast Abrahamic Caravan.... enjoy the season..... and enjoy each other.....

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