Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Book of All Things New

Please accept my apology. I was not able to communicate with you for what I think, in your world, translates into a three day period. I became entangled in another reality. That happens to spiritual beings from time to time. Did I enjot that other place? Yes, I did. Not that I enjoy all places. Especially not the ones where say, Nazi Germany won the war, or your nation never won the revolution, or the Inquisition is still in play, or miniature French Poodles can talk (such self centered, judgemental little beasts!). But that place was all right. They had the most friendly, intelligent praying mantis individuals. Quite well educated and creators of a hauntingly beautiful poetry. The marriage rites were a bit over the top for my taste. Everyone clicks their front claws for good luck when the bride chews through the neck of the groom and severs his insipidly smiling head. The ceremony, obviously takes place after the actual union. And there were other peculiarities. But at least the food was interesting (not that spirits get to partake of any), an assortment of live (though drugged) honey coated bumblebees, accompanied by other crunchy tidbits. Tell you more latter. Now back to our little dramatic episode. Christmas was uneventful. Sarah managed to make it nice for the eternal children. The two park workers got a load of those heavy, well made xylaphones they use in grade schools. You know, the ones with the white notes and the black notes on a piano-like keyboard. I don't know how they came across them. City employees seem to have their own sort of magic, if you know what I mean. The younger elves and the older cherubs greatly appreciated this gift. They took to them immediately. You should hear them. Within five minutes, they had mastered the Gould Variations and were hard at work on some variations of their own. They also got a flat screen TV and some DVD's. One was a new copy of an old favorite of theirs...the Mary Martin version of Peter Pan. Did that ever make them happy. They had their 'There Is a Land where Dreams are Born' song back. I think it is like a prayer to them. Speaking of payers, the humans could use some, because they are still all sick. The Old Woman, Edith, wilkravitz, some of the Pineys and Annie. Not Morticia so much. I suppose it is because she only visits, but does not actually reside here. I don't think the Red Paints are sick. Maybe they do not get sick. I'll have to remember to float through their bodies and see what I can find out. I did think a few of them were sick at first. But not now. I think all they had was the diarrhea. Albion insisted on making crab cakes and the Old Woman thought it was all just a big joke. Think I'll hide her false teeth and see how much she likes that, the cackling old fool! It is strange. The Shaky Hand Man is not here anymore. But he really is. The sickness comes from him. I don't know. Did we manage to over power him or didn't we? And what is he? Is he the source of all that negativity, or just another vehicle, the same as Annie? Jonathon, his consort Sarah and Baylah have been 'culling' on a regular basis. I think it agrees with them. Their eyes appear brighter. Their features more finely drawn. Their humor a bit more biting. And they all sport these trimly tailored, stylish new outfits from the huate chi-chi establishments on South Street. Sarah even got some new bedding for the bottom of that French wardrobe thing they snuggle in. I think she used a coupon from The Bed Bath and Beyond. Boy, if the salesclerk only knew how beyond. But the sickness really does worry them. Blood gifts do not help. I don't know what will happen. They'll have to try something.....

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