Monday, January 17, 2011


The humans were all asleep. Well, the Old Woman was as asleep as she ever gets. But Edith, the questionable little girl Annie and the few Pineys and Red Paints staying with them were contentedly snoring in the dark. Baylah still trysted with her extremely well heeled boyfiend. The parkland refuge was quiet, wrapped in its sheltering, evergreen vale. And a silent powdering of snow drifted down from the heavens. The sumptuous, ebony sedan turned off a nearby service road and drifted to a soundless stop behind the low, brick building. True, it was once a Fairmount Park equipment depot, but our creative immortals did their best, working their magic and transforming the structure into a cozy, snug redout. A scattering of colorful, children's toys (used by the 'cherubs') decorated the great-room floor. And the electric fireplace (with its Amish crafted, walnut mantlepiece) shed a low, orange, comforting glow. Where were the elves and cherubs? Who could know. They flit about the city like wide-eyed, pixilated moths, returning when they chose, staying elsewhere when they do not. But don't worry. They have other places to hide. The heavy, metal door drifted open. 'Papa' stood off to the side, gesturing for Jonathon and wilkravitz to enter. And they did, each finding a commodious seat in one of the club chairs arranged about the room.. No one spoke. Jonathon studied his creator. Modern dress suited him. Whom  did he favor, a somewhat trimmer Alec Baldwin or  maybe a John Gotti? Sarah was not home yet. But she would be there soon, for the daylight  cannot wait. Two cherubs dashed in through one of the small, high windows, sublimating through the glass. But they instinctively felt the gravity of the situation and immediately retreated to one of their closet, hidey-holes. 'Papa' chuckled. He said - I have not seen their like in centuries. It will be good to have them around. So, Tomas... I mean Jonathon, where can I take my ease?...... That was when the gnarled Old Woman stepped out of the shadows and said  - I have prepared a sleeping space, sir. It is in one of the small, side rooms downstairs. You will know iit for the door is opened and a candle shining forth from a glass cylinder, flickers within..... Then she nodded and stepped back....... Jonathon whispered - Well, that takes care of that .I suppose you have a lot of questions? God knows, so do I...... The smartly dressed 'gentleman'  said - That, I do. But the orb turns and soon we shall face the sun. Until the dusk, offspring!..... He rose and went down to his chamber, not like a newcomer, but as if he'd lived there for years..... wilkravitz said not a word, but sat there in silence. Jonathon stared at the artificial attempt at a fire.......Then came the small sound of a key in the back door. Sarah walked into the room. She asked - What's that car doing out back?........Jonathon simply looked at her and smiled........

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