Monday, March 21, 2011


Papa stopped in front of a framed print. A map it was, an old one, from maybe fivehundred years back. Very colorful and ornate. I believe it once belonged to Charles' or Phillips' of Spain. Papa, quite naturally appreciated ancient things. He studied it carefully, like a scientist gazing at a fruit fly. Sarah was with him. She held his 'drink,' which was a brandy snifter with a lit, fragrant candle at the bottom. He snapped his fingers. She gave it to him. He inhaled deeply and passed it back. Then he waved his finger at the map and began to speak. He said - I marvel at the ingenuity of them. Look at all the places. Look at all the artificial barriers. Here a country. There a country. Duchy here. Principality there. God what fools they were. The people, I mean. How could they allow themselves to be enslaved like that? Imagine, subjects of a 'divine right' monarch. Why we had more enlightened systems during the stone age......Sarah responded - I thought they worshipped vampires like gods. I don't know, but that seems pretty primitive to me.....No, not like gods. Like pathways to the gods. We were the shaman. We were the magicians. Rather like popes are today, or the hereditary priest-nobles of my errant son's people - said Papa......You mean Jonathon?- said Sarah. Papa ran his finger along the delicately carved frame annd smiled. Sarah went on - He will come back here. Not because this place is anything to him. But he can sense us. I know it. He knows we're here. He knows I'm here.......Papa chuckled and said - What about the other one? What about the new 'Bride of Dracula???' - he laughed.......Sarah said -  What about her?.....Precisely - whispered the dapper gentleman.....Then he wandered off to appraise another display......The elves and cherubs were out for the evening. They fed every night. They could do that, since victims rarely died. The little ones took little drinks. And in the morning those who supplied them remembered nocturnal visits by succubi, or incubbi, or aliens, or crack dreams. Name your poison. The choices are endless. Sometimes they played with mortal children. Elves and cherubs made the best 'imaginary' friends. Now there was a ripple going through the ether carrying a message. Edith was coming back and she was bringing about two or three of the Red Paint People with her. Why is she returning? Well, it's like a prophecy with her. She has to be there. She must share her gifts. And she is talented. Walk down a row of Atlantic City slot machines with her and you'll go home richer by far. Those Pineys are something. Let me tell you......Now truthfully, days and nights mean little to spirits such as I. Zebulon tastes them all, light, dark, dawn, gloaming. I like a lot of flavors. So what do I care. That's  why I can't tell you how long Jonathon and Luna (the new one) have been out there. I don't think they're feeding every night. Not him. He wants to go back to the 'visions' and the monthly 'culling' stuff. A good, religious boy, he is. And the Pascal Season approaches, so that only makes him more so. You know, the whole thing about having a 'purpose' and why did God rescue him from Egypt and all of that. He's probably just giving the new one a grand tour. First time out of the Anti-Enchantment-Bureau complex, first time away from Doctor Franklin, first time riding on an escalator...I don't know. A lot of first times......But mark my words. They will all come together eventually. Baylah goes into hysterics when she thinks about it. But who is she to talk? She carries on with Papa AND her rich, mortal financier. Who do you think gave her that gold, diamond bezeled Rolex? Annie's quiet though. Papa scares her. She doesn't want anymore of that 'Pow, right to the sun' stuff. No siree. So she just colors now, or rips the legs off hercules beetles, or sticks her tongue out at wilkravitz or Zeke. You know how she is.......Ah, homelife among the demi-angelic-host. They like that name. Let's see if they can live up to it.......

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