Friday, March 25, 2011


So Papa dragged Luna off to bed down with him. He can see things. She never really wanted Jonathon. We all knew that. She just wanted the magic. And now she had it. He took her to a nest he had at the back of an unused storage room. There was a pile of quilts and comforters in the corner (all the best from Crate and Barrel). He ripped off whatever it was she still had on and threw her down. Then he carefully took off his clothing, folding them over a chair and snuggled in to cover her. This one was his now. Maybe he was guilty? Maybe he just wanted to square things with Sarah? He put her through a lot.Petrification? Yuck...that can't be fun. And so via the chips discreetly hidden in nooks and crannies of Luna's body, Doctor Franklin and his cronies back at the Bureau, were treated to a wonderful bit of latenight porn. You can guess what they can do with miniaturization these days. Better run your hands all over your body and make sure you ain't set up that way. Believe me. Zebulon has seen plenty and it would not suprise me....A little later, just after sundown, Sarah woke up. She layed there. Jonathon had his arms around her. He was still sleeping. She could hear his steady breathing. And she thought about things. She thought about Jonathon and herself. Could she forgive him for Luna? Well, maybe as a mortal, things would be different. But that's not what she was now. And considering the potential life-span in front of her, she'd have to learn to make certain accommodations. He thought she was gone anyway, or at least 'tied-up' for an indefinite period of time. So maybe she'd let this one slide. It's hard. It can be complicated when your husband is also your creator....Later, when 'hubby' did wake up, he sheepishly offered her the gift-wrapped cameo. She took it and clipped it onto a chain she wore around her neck. It looked pretty there resting just above her cleavage. He kissed her. Then she smiled and roughly mussed his wavy-curly hair. But she did manage to work in a quick sharp tug. He yelped. She 'playfully' scolded him and said - Just don't bring me home any more 'sister wives' again. He kissed her and promised that he would not..........Mister Muggs, the newborn, vampire chimp (see, I remembered) was a bit dissoriented  when he awoke. But Annie hugged him. He was better than one of those huge, cheaply made, stuffed animals they gave out as carnival prizes. She always wanted one. And now she had one. Baylah was up and dressed already, waiting for the others. She sported a demure Beyonce look that night. It suited her. Zeke was there. He came in about a half hour ago. So he sat with Baylah, playing gin rummy, as she waited for the other ones to pull themselves together.....The elves and cherubs? They're always pulled together. Their magic is strong that way. And they were already out, flitting about the city, spreading their enchantment (tiny blood gifts) in a hundred different ways...Medical miracles are a wonderful thing. Well, now you know their source......Ahhhh, the gloaming, those few precious moments just before the dark.....I bet things will be different tonight. 

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