Thursday, March 10, 2011


Annie stood on a stool and leaned over the old, chipped counter in a little kitchen used by the staff. The sink was filled with dirty dishes from the night shift. Sticky 'lunch' plates and everything else. She had to wash them. Papa made her do it. He threatened her with another 'Pow, right to the Sun!' punishments. And she did not exactly like that. So she washed. But she splashed. Zeke, the night guard who got along with her, ate an apple as he watched her work. Squirt, squirt from the lemon dish soap. Wipe, wipe with the new sponge. Shake, shake over the sink. Rinse again and jam into the plastic rack. Actually, I think she liked it. She said - I remember eatin shit with these...Zeke said - A little fart like you don't needa talk that way, you little fart you.... But she just gave him a dirty look, as she blew the hair outta her eyes.... He continued - And what  do you know about eatin' like a hooman, you little demon you?.....I know I can use 'em to stab your eyes out - she whisperd. And besides, you take plenty a drops when you can git it.......She meant the blood. Zeke, like all the other familiars, was hooked on the blood. It made 'em feel good, healthy like and light on their feet. So he just nodded when she said that and threw his apple in the trash. Papa was out for the evening. Probably wandering 'round the shipyard, tryin' to sniff out what he could about the others. Oh, he knew they had Baylah in there. I'm not too sure whether she was such a good 'sender' or he was a better 'receiver.' But  either way, they managed to get together.  So he was just biding his time.  Let that old Doctor Franklin and his cronies do their stuff. Let 'em bring the others back. Papa felt bad about them elves and cherubs. He missed 'em too. But he had faith in that dirty old man......Now Baylah was stuck dab in the middle of the same magnetic field as Jonathon/Tomas was when he first got here. Only she agreed to it. They told her it was because they had to study her in order to determine if she was basically the same type of creature as Jonathon and any other vampires they happened to encounter over the years. Well, it don't take much to get an exhibitionist like Baylah to peel down for nobody. And she jumped up into that invisible spider web like a schoolyard snot-nose onto a trampoline. Started wavin' at folks and twistin around. I heared about pole dancin' but this was much better. People came in to watch. A lot of the guys in the black suits filed in. I think somebody even put on some music. If I remember right, it was some of that Lady GaGa whatja mi callit. People even clapped. Baylah said - Thank you very much. Make sure you tip the waittresses on your way out........Doctor Franklin smiled. He just fiddled away with them knobs  and toggle switches. The pretty, young doctorix (who we all know by now wanted Jon/Tomas to make her into a vampire) dictated some readings into some kinda magic-talkin' machine. And then it was over. That magnet contraption began to hum down. Baylah slowly descended to the floor. Somebody handed her a robe. She thanked them and threw it over a shoulder and went over to talk with some of them black suit guys. Jonathon asked the Doctor. He said - Are we all alike? What did you learn?..........The jowly old gent (wearing one of his favorite, green Eagles sweatsuits) answered - Yes, but there are subtle differences, rather like a fingerprint. Remember, she comes fom another 'chain.' Papa, the one responsible for you, didn't make her. She comes from a lady life-eater, so the 'hormones' or some  force like them, are a bit divergent. Now Sarah commes from the same chain as you. That's obvious. You made her. But our beautiful, tawny princess might just supply something we need to bring the others back........Papa was listening through about twentytwo feet of concrete. And he was sure he could sublimate through, 'cause he really did want to be there. But he waited. The night was close. Though it was not tonight......... So he 'culled' hisself two low lifes outside the wrong type a tattoo parlor and then walked back home.....

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