Saturday, April 16, 2011


A cold, spring rain came down on the Chestnut Hill district. The large, commodious houses and newly green lawns sat silent and wet. Diners hurried along picture book shop-lined walkways, disappearing into small, warm, finely decorated restaurants, as the gray, chill light slowly died. And in their own retreat, a short stroll away, the vampires woke up. Everyone gathered in the living room. A warm, orange fire brightened the hearth. Annie played Barbie Funeral on the rug. The larger specimens settled into the rich upholstery and talked. Papa (no one really called him 'Jimmy' anymore) spoke. He said - Then it's settled. I'll keep this place going. It'll be me, Luna, shithead (gestured toward Annie) over there, the humans and the 'children.'.......They never questioned why Annie wasn't like the other juvenile vampires. No one wondered why she differed so from the elves and cherubs. She just did. And that's the way it was....So Jonathon (also known as Tomas) nodded. Sarah squeezed his hand. He cleared his throat and said - Thank you. It's just that I have to go. I have to do this. I must give thanks for my Redemption......He was referring to The Passover and The Exodus. The faithful believe that every soul  who did, does, or ever would believe was present at that sacred time and each in their turn was brought forth for a purpose. And Jonathon really believed. I mean when you talk to him, you'd think books of the Bible were still being written...Who knows?.....Papa said - Is there anything you need? What can we give you?......Nothing - whispered Jonathon......For the faithful were instructed to rise up and go, taking no food save the bread of faith (matzoh, the absolute minimal form of nourishment imaginable). True, he could not eat that, so he would go out with even less. Sarah was a little afraid. Where would they sleep? That was her main concern. When she voiced it, he just told her not to doubt. So she didn't. Or rather she pretended she didn't. And that was it. They got up, kissed everybody, even Annie, pulled on their coats, inhaled and left. Edith said a prayer as the fine, oak door clicked shut behind them. Papa brushed a discreet tear from his eye. Remember, Jonathon is his vampiric son. Luna just sat there inspecting her nails.

So they walked, always making for the east. For Jonathon was heading to the coast. did he still plan to visit Japan? Maybe, but first they'd go to Jerusalem. They'd walk down into the sea and travel with the whales. Sarah's heart raced just thinking about it. But he held her and she was strong. No one was culled. They kept to themselves, making their way down small streets and forgotten lanes. They slept in abandoned cellars, sometimes with the homeless. And while the poor folk slumbered, Jonathon would bless them with a drop or two of his blood, so that they could survive.When they came to the Delaware River, they crossed on foot, stepping up onto the pedestrian walkway bordering The Benjamin Franklin Bridge. (Doctor Franklin loved that one) And the journey continued, two bedraggled souls off to save the world...or at least a few, tiny parts  of it....

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