Sunday, April 10, 2011


The Pascal Season is almost upon us. Spiritual beings like vampires, the noble ones, I mean, make much of that. For who better to recognise the truth of it all? If enchanted creatures such as they can exist, then what does that say about the existance of God? Oh, they make no claims about any particular communions. Jonathon will remember his Passovers. The elves will recall old Easter observances in Europe. And Papa may ponder the simple, yet comforting, spring celebrations of his people. But they tend to draw together at this time, sharing stories and feelings and just being a family. Sarah enjoys it too. Luna, raised as she was by the Anti-Enchantment-Bureau, is new to all this. Yet even she sees the necessity of it. And they do their best to spread the good feeling out into the human world as well. You see, even the touch of a vampire can impart strength, what we might call a blessing. No blood has to be passed for this to take place, although that is very powerful. But an energy travels, a gift from the bestower to someone else. Thats why they touch so many surfaces when they go out, passing their hands along shop windows and street planters and commercial displays. They love damp nights, drizzly nights, for then they can use the umbrellas. The @DutchUmbrella ones I mean. You see them. They leave those nice holders in better establishments all about the city. A convenience they are. Borrow one when you need it. And return it when you don't. Shake it out. Roll it up. And put it back. They go from one shop to another. Such an easy way for our life-eaters to spread the good fortune. Pick one up. You'll feel it, the heft, the strength, the warmth, the hum. But Zebulon digresses. For I came to speak of little Mary French, the cherub child, the martyred one. Did you think she was gone, completely, I mean? Well, she is not. For that sweetheart is safely esconced in The World To Come (one of my favorite travel spots) and warm in her mother's embrace. Her tiny tongue is normal now, a blood-drinker's tongue no more. She is in The Holy Prescence. But her conduit to this realm was her destroyer. An intimate relationship they have. And when she wants to, her innocent, toddler's spirit can still rub up against him, whispering in his ear and teaching him things. Does he feel it? Well, he's starting to. That baby-eater has a soul, indeed, he is a soul, and it can be influenced. Something will come of this. But we must be patient. We must wait. We must see. Yet the spring creates other issues. Remember when I told you of the shortened nights and how that effects vampires? They feel constrained. They feel trapped. They feel squeezed. Sarah and Luna are so new. They probably won't even notice, not this year anyway. But Albion feels it. And the other elves feel it too.....Keep an eye on them. Because right now.....they're the dangerous ones.................... And may The Season of Transcendance shed goodness upon you and yours.........

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