Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Jonathon and Sarah sat in the big glassed-in sunroom watching the surf. A weak moon peeked through the misty sky. Soon it would be time to go. She asked - Will it hurt?....He said - I don't thnk so.....She said - How do you be sure? How much do you know about this?.......He swallowed and answered - Not much. But I've heard about it. Papa came over this was. You know that. He made it. He didn't have any problem.......She said - Yeah, but he has a few years on us.......And she playfully punched his arm.

They walked through the large, stylish house and set everything right. Even the magazines on the cocktail table were straightened. The whole place was returned to it's Coastal Living Magazine perfection. Then they walked over to the large WaWa convenience store on Washington and Ventnor Avenues to buy some 'thank you' stuff. You know, cans of tuna fish, some bread for the freezer, a carton of ice cream, a bottle of soda, pretzels. Sarah wanted to do that. Humanity was still fresh within her and she was raised right. Baylah's human boyfriend will be very pleased.

After that, they went back, stocked the kitchen and left. Jonathon locked the door and returned the key to its hiding place under the deck. They stepped down onto the cold, empty beach and took a few deep breaths. Then they kicked off their shoes and headed a few hundred yards or so downbeach toward the giant elephant shaped building. She looked right out to sea. Her port-hole-like eyes reflecting the moonbeams on the water. No one else was around. A few early season lights punctuated some of the windows in the Island House condominiums.But they were safe, for only the stars looked down. Sarah said - Will I feel the cold?.....Jonathon said - Yes, but what can it do to you? Nothing. It's just pain...and we're vampires, so don't worry.

He led her down to the foamy surf line and started to take off his clothes. Sarah followed his example. When they were naked, she started to cry. He kissed her and squeezed her hand. They stepped into the icy broth, barely fifty degrees farenheit, two perfect statues, bathed in silver light. And they walked into the ocean, never once looking back. She gasped. Her muscles tensed. His did too. But they went on. Strange creatures brushed against their legs. But they keep going. Soon they had to swim. Sometimes they drifted apart. But not by much. He always found her. After a while the shoreline faded to a thin, bright line behind them. Then it disappeared. All was silent. And they went on, alone in all the universe, floating between the never-ending sea and the never-ending firmament above. After a time, mournful notes echoed in the distance.

The princes of the sea drew near, proceeded by their song. Huge whales, fin whales. None greater save the royal blues themselves. And they passed under the vampires, slowly rising up toward the surface, until Jonathon and Sarah laid flush against their backs, he riding one and she upon another. Then he said - Now, bite in.....And she did, sinking her teeth into the blood-rich, rubbery skin.. He did the same. They sped along this way until the whales went under, taking them down into the bottomless depths. A milky fluid oozed up from the leviathans encasing the vampires in a protective insulating layer. And the blood pumped forth to nourish them. Pressure meant nothing. Cold meant nothing. They were safe. Soon they began to dream the great dreams of the endless sea, barely noticing the pod of mer-folk come close to take their measure. They flew over the crests of massive, never-seen peaks and skimmed just above firey orange, undersea lava flows. Giant squid waved as they went by. And other creatures, as yet unnamed by man saw too. And in this way they progressed, spanning the distance between the new world and the old............

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