Monday, August 29, 2011


So Laila Kardashian became a nubile, 'young' vampirina on a narrow, old cobbled lane, deep within the maze that is the walled city of Jerusalem. She is what the Philadelphia contingent (and many other 'chains' as well) call an elf. That is because her pubescent hormones are potent. The mortal spice filling her cells is hard to kill. So her ears will continue to grow for a bit, hence the pointy appearance. Fingers continue to lengthen too and her face will aquire an attractive , somewhat angular look. The fangs are needle-like and not at all that long.

Elves are not a particularly blood thirsty lot. Victims are rarely drained to the point of death. They make do with a plethora of quick, short drinks, flitting about like mosquitos. That's right...flitting. didn't we review this last night? I cannot remember. Perhaps we merely mentioned it on Twitter? But the 'young' ones, the elves and cherubs, can fly. The magic settles differently on them. Adult vampires tend to sublimate through the physical universe. That's how they pass from point to point. A few have attempted flight and some of the particularly old ones can, if pressed, take to the air. But it's not their thing. They stick to the sublimation.

What's his name...Roland, I think it is, just demonstrated a take off. She laughed. She giggled. That Laila girl thinks it's funny. but she likes her new cheek bones though. He took her back into this little stucco courtyard and did a simple take off again. She sort of got it right this time.

Elves are adept at taking off from secluded locations. They usually rise straight up into the sky, often behind tall buildings. You know how it is. Prying human eyes and all that. Dark clothing helps camoflage their nightly jaunts. And yes, they have shown up on You Tube, but most people chalk it up to some kind of computer generated magic instead of ascribing it to the genuine variety. Look at her. I think she's figured it out. A regular Wendy, that one is. Get a load of her smile. She loves it. But, uh oh, they sped over her house. She saw it. She looked down. Roland caught her. He grabbed her just in time. She didn't fall, but it was close, because she saw her worried father just as he looked up.

Severed ties destroy some new born vampires. Some try to live in both worlds. But the outcome is never good. So he took her to a cozy crypt outside the Ottoman wall and held her as she rocked and moaned and cried......
also...if you like   you'll enjoy my literate, adult take on the genre

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