Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am not one of the voices you're used to. This one hails from London. This one has been here since the time of the aldwytch, during the days of the first anglo-saxon kingdoms. This one has tasted many things. Those responsible for this site have graciously allolwed me to speak. Conditions are bad. Tradesmen have shuttered their stalls. Those electronic screaming machines bolted onto police vehicles shriek through the night.

Vampires have stepped into the breach. God, how I hate that word...not 'breach,' but 'vampire.' Ignorant peasants lied to by unwashed, small-minded clergy gave us that name. We are not in league with evil forces. We are not demons or monsters. Let me explain it to you this way.....If 'mortals' be the sheep, we may not be the 'Shepherd,' but we are certainly His 'sheep-dogs.'....

So keep an eye peeled (if you reside in London or other effected townes.)....Who has suddenly dissappeared? Did anybody see a strange, blue, flame-like light?....Shhhh....just stay off the streets...Do unto others as you would have them do unto you....and, oh yes...dare I say it?...Well, I will. Take a tip from the Book of Leviticus and 'Love thy neighbor.'

I must be off. Must sublimate up to Manchester. There are black hearted villains who need culling, vigalantes who spout 'good' but yearn for evil. Not my favorite meal, but we all must do our part...'Fight on the beaches' and all that....Cheers...and hope for the best.

Thank you for this opportunity. Your regular 'life eaters' will be here soon.

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