Saturday, September 3, 2011

EIGHT QUICK VAMPIRE FACTS...(not an actual episode, but good to know just the same)

1)vampires rarely kill a victim every night. If most major cities harbor between three and seven vampires, the number of 'culled' people would be too high. the public would certainly notice for sure.

2) Vampires suffer seasonal depression in the spring and summer...when the nights are short...They're 'happiest in late fall and winter when the nights are long. In that way, they are the opposite of most living humans.

3) Some vampires CAN imbibe alcohol. No one knows why. For instance, when they cull a drunken victim, the alcohol  in that person's system passes into the life-eater. Because of this ability, some vampires impersonate drunks and hang in bars.

4) Few, if any, vampires ever 'sleep' in coffins. Why would they? Their bodies crave comfort too. Actually, a good mattress and adequate 'black out' shades and draperies are all they need.

5) Religious talismans have no power over them. Most, in their own way, work for the betterment of humanity. It has been said----- They may not be the shepherd, but they definitely are his sheepdogs.....I guess that makes us mortals the sheep.

6) Vampires are extremely partial to pleasant aromas. If you follow our story, you know how much they enjoy a good scented candle. A Yankee Candle store is their idea of Heaven on Earth.

7) They have their own language, known as Vahmpeerigo, bases on medieval Italian, French and Spanish, spiced with a bit of Catalan and alpine German.......Communities from different parts of the world speak in tongues built on languages native  to their regions.

8) Most soon-to-be vampires strive to get in perfect shape before they are brought over...Imagine being an overweight night stalker for all eternity.


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