Sunday, September 11, 2011

#ENTOURAGE AND THE #VAMPIRES.....the world needs them both

Even el mundo vampirismo is in shock. #ENTOURAGE is gone! You can't realize what Ari Gold meant to these life-eaters. They got Israeli and Ishmaeli vampirissi cryin' around the same tv's over here in Jerusalem. People are flooding out into the streets hugging each other and blubbering (I'm talking about the ones with U.S. video feeds). It's worse than when the North Koreans shot Fonzie. Yoko, who as you know is over here trying to arrange an advantageous recording deal for her resurrected husband, says it reminds her of what happened in Strawberry Fields. Yusef Islam is disgusted by it. He understands, but is never the less disgusted. Dylan doesn't watch much television, so he don't care one way or the other. He would be disgusted but Stevens (I mean Islam) commandeered that emotion first. Sarah says it was one of the best series 'finales' (remember, they got movies in the pipeline) she ever saw. Actually almost squished a full grown royal Saluki (traditional breed around here) as she was watching it. Poor dog shit all over the rug. The L.A. types in town to oversee the arrangement of the new milleniuum (did I spell it right?) say that the 'Making It In America' show will slip right into the sweet little slit left vacant by Vinnie and the boys. A new 'entourage.' A new glamour biz (fashion). Neurotic environs (Manhattan). Great score. Just hope it's not a Jane Mansfield take on Marilyn Monroe, like Friends (charming as it may have been) was to Seinfeld.

Let's see. what was I going to tell you? Oh, yes. Jean-Michel is attempting to arrange a meeting between the newborn Lailah and her father, the Armenian Orthodox priest. I know most vampires frown on such 'after death' reunions, but our gallant, gallic night stalker wants to try. The girl isn't so sure. She has the mind of a fifteen year old. She wants more time. While her father blames himself for all this. He spends hours each night (after his priestly duties are through) pouring over arcane church texts searching for the proper exorcism ritual to flush the blood of Lilith from his daughter's nubile flesh. So far, all he's been able to do is kill a few innocent water bugs and sour a container of Lactaid.

Jonathon was mobbed when he went out on the street. You know about his resemblence to Adrian Garnier, so what else would you expect, tonight of all nights? He enjoys it though. Sure he wants to improve humanity, but our finely drawn, tight-bodied, little Andalucian has a vain side. I mean we know how he feels about a good Dolce & Gabana, not to mention all his cunning, snug-fitting, black leather bootkins.

And speaking of #ENTOURAGE and @jeremypiven and #VAMPIRES and all.....did you know that a few well known movie actors actually ARE VAMPIRES? Think about it. You'll figure out who they are. Listen for the vampire cadence to their speech. Look for the carefully crafted features and the exceptionally well fitting garments. Give us a lot of hits. Get me in a good mood some night and I'll tell you who they are. Although one's face isn't so carefully crafted. And I don't know who let him in the 'club,' but just consider him the exception that proves the rule.

More on who has experienced 'the dream' tomorrow night. And Doctor Franklin appears to have stumbled on some significant piece of esoterica. More on that as well.

The Red Paint People? I truly believe we covered this already, but I'll condense.....A stone-age European strain of humanity subscribing to a culture believed to be more than twenty thousand years old. Relics belonging to this group were uncovered in Maritime Canada and the northern U.S.. Most pieces bore faint remnants of an ocher coloring agent, hence the name 'Red Paint People.' A small, surviving band of such individuals resides deep in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, living side by side and sharing 'magic' and secrets with the general 'Piney' population. Many American Indian groups are believed to bear admixtures of Red Paint DNA, since these people were entering the continent from the east at the same time as their people were migrating in from the west. Red Paints are known for a stoic all knowing gaze and tall, sinewy, angular bodies. Some experts believe them to be highly telepathic and possessed of an extremely fine tuned sense of intuition. That 'scotosh beedosh' phraseology seen in our posts is thought to stem from an old Red Paint dialect.


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