Saturday, September 24, 2011


Never mind who I am. You do not need to know. but understand this. The 'goog' ones, the Jonathons and Sarahs and Jean-Michels and the rest have enemies. There are legions of entities who do not want them to succeed, evil jinns, mud demons, nasty laughers.....I could go on and on. We're smeared across creation like a greasy stain. And to think, you humans find fault with vampires and opposing creeds. Such drivel. WAKE UP! Face the real adversary. I believe a certain well known rabbi said it best...None are so blind as those who will not see.

Let me give you something to chew on. It is said that The Messianic Age will begin in a year where all the digits add up to eightteen...the Hebrew numerical representation of God and Life. The year 5706 (we're talking about the original, Biblical  Hebrew Calander here) was such a time. That was sixty six years ago, during the Trinitarian year 1944/1945 (the calanders commence on different dates). But I believe certain demonic actions at a notorious hell hole in Nazi Occupied Poland took care of that. The next opportunity comes 'round again in 5803. That corresponds to the Trinitarian year 2043, or about thirty two years from now. And the Messianic Era does not begin with the birth of that personage. It starts with the birth of his message. So it is extremely likely that he (or she...after all...anything is possible.) is getting ready to pop into existance right now. Anybody got a brand new little cousin? Take a look... You never know.

Do you think the guys who play for 'the other team' are happy about that? Let me tell you... they're not. And as we know from past history, nothing is beyond them. No reaction is too extreme. How might they postpone the pivotal event? What way is easiest? Which is most direct?

Renate has her own suspicions. True, in her near eternal lifetime she's seen revelations come and go. But a revelation is still a revelation and not to be trifled with. One bomb...that's all it would take. Precision is not an issue. A radius of say five miles would suffice. Just pinpoint the city. Kill all the inhabitants therein for the sake of the one. Do you think they would not do it?......Please, don't be so dumb.

And who lusts after such lethal toys? Which ruler yells the loudest? Who dreams of nation killing? Who sings songs of death before the congress of sovereign states? Which misguided inheritor of a great and worthy empire makes such threats? ......Look, do I really have to tell you......You know.

So Renate sublimates through the midnight sky. She moves toward him. She seeks him. Can he be turned? Watch the news and you will know.

True, the powerful ones are quite capable of controlling things. Old and venerable vampires (excuse me. they disapprove of that term. call them life-eaters instead) can take control. But puppet masters they are not. The power lies within the living. Do you think this is only a narrative...some after-dark, digital ramble? Well, if that's the extent of your comprehension, so be it. But you're wrong. For the story mentions you...It mentions all of you. Which part will you play?

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