Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I heard them come in. It was late, but there was still a bit of dark time before the dawn. My room, little more than a cubicle, sits right near the stairs. They don't pay much attention to me....thank God. So I just lay there cringing and trembling with each foot step. Baylah was with them. She goes back and forth. Sometimes she stays at the shore. Sometimes she stays at her place in Center City. And occasionally she stays here. I could smell the liquor on them. Papa doesn't drink much, maybe some wine. Jonathon likes his brandy. Can you imagine walking into a bar these days and asking for a brandy. The other girl, Sarah takes a little vodka. But they seemed all  agitated. Must of had a fight in the car on the way home. I waited till the noise stopped. Then I crept out of bed and went over to the heating duct. You could hear all the way down into the sub-basement from there. So I laid down and listened.

I've been down there once or twice...maybe three times. They don't like when we go  down there, so I sneak when they're out. Look, they can smell it. They know when I've been there. Am I taking a chance? Who knows? But they get used to people, normal people I mean. They like having us around. So would they kill me? Well, I hope not. 

Good feed down at the shore. Baylah took two. Just some bums squatting under the boardwalk. Ripped their arms off first. She don't usually do that, but sometimes she plays games. I heard them. They tell the poor bitches in the pit all about what they did. Papa ripped off a mandible. You know, a lower jaw. Then he grabs the tongue in his teeth and tears it out. I think Sarah once even killed a guy like that over in Jerusalem. It's like a tradition in their line. Jonathon only ate one. Cornered her in the parking garage. Some pathetic, skinny, cheap thing running back to her car to get her cigs or like a tampon or somethning. She sees him grin. Ever see that old poster from A Clockwork Orange? Then you know the look, real slick and real sly. He practices in front of a mirror once in a while. Has this stance, the whole thing. Likes the way his hips swivel. Loves those close fitting pants and little leather bootkins. Yeah, he tries to be good, the lying son of a bitch. Makes us tell that story about his old, Spanish, Andalucian, Sephardic family. What a crock of shit that is. Maybe he met somebody like that. Maybe one of his first victims was like that 

Shit. the laptop's acting up. I don't know what to do with this. It's so  old. And they don't understand. Sarah does. She's new. She's younger. But they won't listen to her. Bsically, she is just a lonely girl Jonathon picked up and ruined for his own pleasure. Human partner would a been all torn up a long time ago. She knows what she is. That's why she tries to do good things like giving little drops of blood to bums and sick people in the hospital and all. Sarah is the most neurotic one of all.

They got a box of salt wated taffy. Papa's shaking it. I can hear. Then he tells the girls in the pit he's gonna play a game Tears off the cellophane. Opens the box. Says he's gonna throw one down. The bitch that don't get it gonns get 'cut.' Jonathon knows the drill. He likes this game. Know what he does? He strips off all his clothes, jumps down in the pit, smiles at the naked, little tricks and takes up his position.

Snap! First saltwater taffy flies down. They spring for it, all grunting and scratching. One of them is the purple nerple queen. That's her thing. So the fat one yelps. Whoops, she loses. Papa yells - Eat it up! eat it up!.....The skinny one rips off the wrapper and shoves it in her pie hole. She starts chewin' and chewin'. You know how gummy that crap can be. And Jonny-boy commences to bite off a little too. Graps the loser, the chubby one one, and takes a tiny nip, right down on the front of her hip. Real close to the bone. Hell, that's got to smart, even on a fat girl like her. She screams. She winces. She cries. Her chin starts to tremble. They play the game a few more times. Baylah throws down a few. Fat one loses a few more times. Jonathon nips at her ass a couple times. Licks up all the rich, red blood, flips her over and gives her what you might call an 'unhappy' ending. She crumples down on the hard packed floor, gasping and all. He makes this real fast move, like he's going to take the other one too. Papa grins. Baylah laughs. Then he, Jonathon I mean, slaps the skinny one around a little, mostly on her boney rump. He don't really want to hurt her. She's a good one. They like the way she runs and jumps. Let her live a little. Give her a chance to 'enjoy' life.

Shit! I got to get back in bed. They're coming up. Oh, God, my heart's pounding. I hate when they're like this. You never know what could happen. Edith puts spells on us to keep us safe, but who the hell knows?

It's over. They wennt upstairs. Sometimes they sleep up there. It's not so hard to block out all the light. Hotels can do it. God I wish I was in a hotel right now. Got to pee sooo bad. But I will not open that door till I'm sure their sleeping. It'll be dawn soon..... I can wait till then..........

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