Monday, November 28, 2011


You could see it from the ground. A transparent, dark green 'wash' seemed to spread across the sky. It's not so noticeable at night. But during the day, it's scary. People stay indoors. Nobody looks up. Cloudy days are blessings. Then we don't know what's out there.

Cameras on certain deep space satellites and observation platforms show the whole thing. Imagine the planet encased in a perfectly clear, concentric glass shell. It doesn't touch the surface, but 'floats' two hundred miles overhead. And huge quantities of what seems to be sea water pools on the outer surface. It slides around like rag puddles left on a carelessly cleaned kitchen table. Trouble is, these droplets must be at least thirty miles in diameter and they're starting to collect.

The government gives updates. They hint at secret weapons positioned somewhere beyond the moon.. Experts issue warnings on the internet. But the cops, or people from other agencies we just call cops, arrest them as 'Panic Mongers.' A guy broadcasting over some kind of short wave set up claims high ranking government officials are planning to evacuate to Mars. Washington is under lock-down. Other cities too. In London, they say Richard Branson took off for a privately hollowed out asteroid three days ago.... a Captain Nemo for the Twenty-First Century. I can't tell you about anywhere else, 'cause I don't know.

It's funny. I mean they were experimenting. Guys at N.A.S.A. fired off rockets. They wanted to see if they'd get through. That concentric barrier, I mean. And most of them sailed out like there was nothing there. Of course if they hit one of the sky lakes, it's all over.People are hoarding food. You can't find bullets and ammunition anywhere. That's all gone. I guess gasoline will be next.

We all know about the 'Enemy.' We know they're some kind of harmonic force, or life form.We know they can conjure up a physical presence when it suits them. They did that on Europa. And speaking of Europa, we're friends now. That new ion-turbo drive (sounds like a rocket kit at some hobby shop) made it all possible. Can't keep that stuff a secret. You think hackers can't get it? It's out there... It's out there.

And the funny thing is, people accept it all. Klactu Barada Nictu, or whatever that giant 'Oscar' said in The Day The Earth Stood Still. We  got Manta Ray people now. We got comic book arch villains known as 'The Enemy.'  We got massive space vehicles (like cobbled together oil refineries, or chemical plants) zipping through the firmament at a half million miles an hour. Shit, wonder if they got enough Tang?

Edith  says that at the current rate of accretion, it will take maybe twelve weeks for the water to envelope the earth. But then it'll only continue to get deeper. We'll still see the sun for a little while. Then things'll get dim, like the dark, purple gloom before a big thunder storm. Eventually we'll just have blackness. Guess we'll be  fighting over sterno and firewood then. God knows how long all the batteries are gonna last. Damn, talk about Nuclear Winter. I mean the atmosphere's still gonna be there. Better get used to the snow. Except without sunlight, how's all the moisture gonna evaporate back up into the air? What's the 'Enemy' gonna do... freeze-dry us to death?

I said that to Edith. She just started chucklin'. Red Paint people don't say nothin'. But they know.

Edith spends her days settin' up 'Long Talks.' She communicates with other pow-wow practitioners. One day she got Sarah, or she says she got Sarah. I don't know. Maybe vampires  got pow-wow in 'em too? That's when she saw the 'little bird,' the amulet, the 'dead' Martian thing.......... Hope we don't go like that...

This is me, wilkravitz, talkin'. But you probably figured that. Know what the rest of us are doing, the other humans and elves and all? Learnin' how to light swamp gas. Pines got lots a swamp gas. We been slightly singed a little, but we're gettin' the hang of it..........


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