Wednesday, November 16, 2011


When Einstein and Bohr made their revolutionary discoveries they built them out of dreams. The truth came first. Numbers came later. When Michaelangelo revealed his David, the rock came first, but the hand of the artist set free the masterpiece within.

Reality... at least in one  form... already exists. It is for us to discern what is necessary among legions that are not. Do I confuse you? Well, how could I  not. For you have never heard my voice . Call me a disembodied spirit, if you like. Yet that is  not what I am. For my essence has never been imprisoned in the flesh.

You have read of an enemy, of aliens waiting to transform/destroy (they are one word to us) your world. I am one of them. We conjure shells when shells are needed. The plane-like, swimming creatures in the incubator known to you as Europa see them. They see light reflecting off iridescent, scale-like armor encasing a form somewhat like yours. That, to them, is strange enough.

Are we coordinates in space? No. Are we coils of energy. No. Think of us as frequencies, or rather collections of frequencies.... grand harmonics imbued with self awareness. Some experience us as the 'Music of the Spheres.' But while certain songs are sweet, others are not. And while some songs soothe the heart, others shatter glass. You have seen us destroy. But wait. You shall see more.

Ask not my name. It changes instantaneously, as do I.. But I have told you too much. Lailah approaches our presence. She moves through the sphere. Oh, it is real, at least she and the others experience it as such. And we know her mission. she was sent to bring back a sample of our substance. What a meaningless purpose.

I know she belongs to an exotic group. I know she is what you call a 'vampire.' We are aware of your abilities, as well as your disabilities. And we are more than well prepared. So please do not trouble yourselves. Relax and hear the music. Forgive our impetuous ones for any damage they have done. That will soon end.. For to paraphrase 'The Beach Boys,'...... you're pickin' up good vibrations.


Doctor Franklin sat at the head of the table. Members of the scientific elite flanked the sides. Each had a small , working model of a great armonica set  before them. Some were impatient. They touched their device, just lightly, just along one of the shimmering rims. Others merely sat and stared. The walls of this long and  narrow room were made of glass, thick glass, beyond which swam the mermaid-hag and other unusual specimens. Lights were low. Small halogen-like points illuminated each individual crystaline apparatus.  No one spoke. The mermaid-hag amused herself swimming up behind various egg heads present and making lewd gestures as she kissed and licked the glass. Everyone pretended not to notice, but a young physicist from Japan couldn't help her nervous, tittering outburst.

Doctor Franklin, ever the considerate host smiled and began to talk ----- Illustrious brethren, behold the elegant, elaborate toys before you. And kindly refrain from tickling them until you know their favorite spots.....

He rotated a few of the discs on his piece of equipment, producing a barely discernible high pitched whine. And as he did so, something began to condense out of the ether. An undulating form almost materialized over the table. Was it a snake? Was it a worm? Was it a maggot?  Shocked men and women pushed back into their seats. Two reached for inhalers. But then the old patriot did something else. The whine stopped and the repulsive 'thing' slowly evaporated.

So now you know why----- chuckled the notorious reprobate. ....... Low-level staffers silently entered, distributing sleek, new tablet-like devices to all in attendance . Doctor Franklin waved his away, but he took a small container out of a waistcoat pocket, opened it and deftly popped two ever-so-slightly large contact lenses into his eyes. Then he blinked, smiled and clapped his hands, calling each silicon screen to life......

Follow along, as I speak. I know  you understand the equations and representations before you.I myself will use an experimental piece of equipment. --- he said. The images appear right before my eyes, as if upon a translucent screen. It's easier on my old, arthritic fingers. Doctor Hawking, as some of you may know, has a pair just like them......... So did Steve Jobs (he sighed), but I don't know who has them now.......

And  so humanity begin to construct a defense...........


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