Monday, November 14, 2011


Her maggot-like encasement transformed into a frothy, bubbly mass which disappeared like beer foam. She was left lying wet and naked upon the fine polished floor of a vast chamber. A yellow-brown roof vaulted overhead. It appeared to be translucent. She could see the vague, fuzzy shape of Saturn looming through the horn-like substance. Creatures, or more correctly, entities sped all about her. Some had physical properties. Others were nothing more than dense ghosts. A few left only voices. Were these the Enemy? Lailah wasn't sure, but what else could they be?

A quasi solid 'sea horse' rocked toward her through the 'air.' It looked at her through limpid, compound eyes. Then it said something, though the sound waves never traveled through the atmosphere, but went directly to her brain. It told her to be dry... and she was. It told her she was clothed..... and soft, warm, cloth 'pajamas' enveloped her body. Then she rose up into the empty space and followed the creature as it rocked off before her. They progressed toward what could only be described as a small, throbbing sun. As they approached it, she saw that the floor was only a large platform suspended in space. And the vault overhead became the interior of a huge sphere. Other beings moved toward the pulsating light as well. A small number were human. Most inhabited other forms.  Some were coming back from the light. They seemed to pass right through her.

A seething squadron of metallic worms writhed toward her, like a teeming mass of minnows in the sea. Every part of her body was explored and recorded by tiny, 'electric' mouths, as they wriggled in between the fabric and her skin. The sea horse guide stopped and waited till they were done. Lailah looked at her hands and realized all the soft tissues of her body were transformed. The pigment was gone. She was as a jellyfish with bones and the blood in her veins was  sea brine.They hovered  for a moment, then went on. And she heard the light, caress her as they entered.....


Doctor Franklin hurried back and forth on his little electric scooter. Legions of specially trained longshoreman struggled to load pallet after pallet of delicate equipment into the holds of immense, big-bellied planes. Huge crystals (made by N.A.S.A. according to Anti-Enchantment-Bureau specifications ) encased in protective silicon foam, were lowered onto hastily constructed, impact absorbing platforms. A warm November breeze played with the wispy tendrils of the alchemist's hair,as he directed this massive operation..... a modern day Noah preparing for another type of Flood. When he was done, ten score silvery 'arch-angels' took flight to various points around the globe.  Ley lines they are called, channels of energy coursing through the planet, elusive in their meaning, yet powerful, none the less The old patriot whispered a prayer as each ascended . A few hours hence, scientists would begin carefully assembling huge, Great Armonicas. in cities 'round the globe. After the last plane left, the old man's keepers bundled him into a massive black SUV and headed home, stopping once along the way, so that Doctor Franklin could visit his supposed grave. He liked gazing through the black iron fence at the shadowy marble slab in the old, mellow church-yard. And he tossed in a bright, copper penny, deftly aiming it for a spot near his headstone. Then they left. But I am wrong. They stopped a second time, passing by a Wendy's drive-through-window. The old man likes his nuggets........


It was peaceful in the Jersey Pines. wilkravitz played Yatzee with two of the elves. Edith knit outfits for the cherubs The Red Paint people did chores. They appreciated well run homesteads. Mr. Edith rocked out on the porch trading  quiet conversation with a 'mythological' beast (I think it was a Jersey Devil) standing off in the shadows of a cool, yet balmy evening. Pin-Head-Mel talked gibberish to the dogs....... And I think they understood.


Jonathon and Sarah left the other life-eaters behind and made their way back into the Old City. They met Lailah's father and the pious Armenian churchman led them silently through the nervous crowds toward a rough hewn portal. Jonathon opened the heavy door, allowing them to pass through and enter the dark passage leading down toward the Well of Souls....... Yes, it really exists. Speilberg didn't invent it. And it's not in Egypt........ Those who regularly sojourn with us may remember an earlier visit to that place. Perhaps they went too soon. Perchance the time is now?


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