Saturday, November 26, 2011


So some people think the Enemy occasionally consumes humans. And in certain locales, Baylah is wrapped in the quiet safety of the Jersey Pin Barrens. In one world Jonathon and Sarah are strolling through the picturesque old, stone quarters beyond the Jerusalem City Walls. And in another they prepare to face the Enemy, in company with other stalwart life-eaters.

Such is reality. Such is the omniverse. We live our lives smeared across creation. There is the you who died in infancy. And the you who conquered nations. All possibilities  eventually  play out. Haven't you ever suspected that? Remember those isolated mornings? You'd wake up and just know. This is not your life. They are not your family. That is not your face. But the similarities were sufficient and you made do. So this dog drooled more than usual. And that special pair of jeans fit perfectly. (that part was good) The boss actually smiled and waved. And the neighbor's cat got out and peed on your car. Well, surprise, surprise. You've been 'plane shifting.' It happens all the time. Would you like an example? Think of a radio station. None of that Sirius stuff, or whatever they call it. I'm talking about a regular, old fashioned AM, job. You know how the signal slides around? One minute it's at say 1210. Then you pick it up at 1170. Same show. Oh, it sounds a little different. Over there it's a bit raspy. Over here it's very weak. Well, think about each frequency as one possible universe. And pretend the entire AM band is the whole omniverse. Sometimes your favorite sports guy is in one world and sometimes he's in another........ But you know what?..... You're the same way...... You all are. True, it is hard to slide so far off the mark to a point where things are radically different. That's why you don't see pigs fly. And you hardly ever run into anybody shooting monkeys out their ass......... But some people do.....

Now in this part of the 'forest' Jonathon and Sarah are up there with the others. The vampires, I mean. N.A.S.A. unveiled a new power source. They didn't want to. Not under this president. But current  conditions required it.. So the ion-turbo made it to the Moon and back in one hour. No landing. Just a fast 'whip around' like a boardwalk thrill ride. Five hundred thousand miles in sixty minutes. Four days to the Jovian System. Nine days to Saturn. One day to Mars. At this rate, gotta be Vulcans out there somewhere.

A crew made up from volunteers representing all nations went out to Mars. The 'transported' hockey stadium was still up there. Pressurizing the place would be relatively easy. Seal it all up under a 'shrink-to-fit' rubberized barrier. Pump up water from the saturated Marian permafrost. Assemble  some handy-dandy nuclear reactors (the travel size, like they sell at Walmart). And Badda-Bing! We're ready for business. Even the games in the arcade lit up. Had to carry out and cremate thousands of bodies in a specially designed, non-contaminating corpse oven. Old speculative plans found in a seventy year old European safe helped with that. And waa-laa!.... Circus Towne 1 on Mars was born. You got a better name for a facility like that? They even had stores of freeze-dried food up there. What do you think they were selling in some of those concessions?

So humanity had a platform. We had a base in the heavens.... a place to confront the Foe. Best of all, that Foe wasn't lookin'.

Papa and some of the old, powerful life-eaters (it was decided never  to use the word 'vampire') led the others through rigorous sublimation drills. First through sand. Then through water. On to soil. And finally stone. Most made it. Some did not. The human medics didn't know how to deal with mashed vampire tissue. But four or five unusual vampires from India and Pakistan actually had medical degrees and were quite adept at making the jump from mortal  to immortal flesh. Those injured quickly healed. And a series of rushed  'skype' hook-ups between the base and the Anti-Enchantment-Bureau didn't hurt either. Remember, Doctor Franklin knows a lot about the 'night folks.'

Sarah couldn't quite sublimate through gaseous media, or vacuums. A lot of them had that problem. It's hard for the body to 'grasp' onto such tenuous, widely spaced particles. But the sleek (and really quite flattering) form-fitting suits made things a little better. Sure, they had to wear Spiderman-like head and face covers. A lot of them did not like that. Still, you gotta do what you gotta do. This is the army, Mister Dracula. Ain't got no mahogany coffins here. Some of the dramatic, Mittle-Europan types actually believed in that crap... You know, the heel clickers and hand kissers? But they soon came around. The military made arrangements with a few, little 'wedding cake' principalities over there to give 'em all titles. Made 'em all counts, or grafs, or something. They like all that 'noble honor' stuff. It shut ;em right up. You know how McDonalds makes every skinny kid an assistant manager? Same thing.

But meanwhile, back on Earth, the Skyward Sea was continuing to condense. The fog thickened. And in some places pools of briny, salt water orbited the planet like huge, tattered, magic carpets...


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