Thursday, December 22, 2011


The star gazers of  Mars began to see a wondrous thing. The Great Sky Sea...the concentric briny shell swirling two hundred miles above the surface of the Earth, was beginning to break up. A thin gossamer string, like spittle from an old crone's mouth, arced out into space, stopping perhaps halfway to the moon. At that point it commenced to spin in on itself, flattening into a disc, rather like a miniature galaxy dancing about a tiny black hole. No physical laws explained such a thing. It merely was. And so they watched.

Those humans still on their birth world saw it too.At first the darkness lessened, like a false dawn from 'before.' Then cracks appeared. Not wide. Imagine hiking through the cool dark gloom of a vast primeval forest. All is gray. All is still. But then a tiny freshet 'does something' to the canopy up above, allowing thin, sharp poles of sunlight to pierce through the verdant barrier and find purchase upon the earth.

People saw the miracle and they gathered together in prayer. The Chevalier Jean Michel was there when it happened in Jerusalem. But that special place fared better than the rest. Israel worked with Ishmael and the Daughter of The Magdaline too. Each 'House' helped the other, so that the time of darkness was not so dark.

Other polities were not  so fortunate. 'Wolves' roamed the far places and many people died. It was worse in the great cities. Minnie knows. Blackie knows. For they survived the chaos of Philadelphia. And their story will come out. But this night is not the time.

Lailah was 'schooling' her father when the first golden rays broke through. She didn't even notice, not the way a life-eater normally would.. Living with darkness had become natural. Vampires grew complacent. In fact, even though she still 'culled' unworthy souls from time to time, she had forgotten she was one. But her father knew. And he froze in terror as the first weak tendrils of smoke rose up from her flesh.. No others were near. They had the small, central patio to themselves. So he scooped her up and raced inside, scrambling down into the cool, black crypts below. Jerusalem awakened. So did the rest of humanity's cradle.

And the huge, reflective disc in the sky continued to grow, till all the water was drawn up and the Great Concentric Briny Shell was no more....... Yet that is  not the truth. For the water still existed. All could see it clear enough, spinning like a monstrous, round, polished, silver shield (about the size of the full moon) in the cerulean vault of a clean, fresh sky...... Some of the people thought it favored a compact disc..

At the time this transpired in the vicinity of Earth, Jonathon was being ushered into Rashi's study. And one of the 'Song People' went with him.........


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