Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Estoy un poco enferma. Me duele la cabeza. Perdona me pero a veces no recuerdo ingles, solomente espanol y yo no se porque. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. It's coming back. My mind is beginning to clear. I am not typing this from my usual place in OUR universe. Something has happened. I am OVER THERE now. The information I have been channeling is absolutely real. It comes from a parallel universe almost exactly like ours, except for the part about the soulless, frequency-entities out to destroy it (Earth, I mean.

The Pine Barrens here are exactly the same as the Pine Barrens at home. In fact, I AM HOME. This Jersey is our Jersey. Sure, some of the details are a teensy bit different. Over here, the planet is encased in a storm-tossed, concentric salt water shell hovering two hundred miles over head. We still have clouds. We still have air. Planes take off and fly to exotic destinations, all within a dark, green, liquid wrapping.

I mean I would channel this and type it up for world-wide consumption, but I never actually visualized it before. I want to go back. I do. I really do. But I'm scared. Doctor Franklin is the only one who can help me. Some of the other Anti-Enchantment-Bureau guys (female guys too) might be able to do something, only none of them are here. They took off for Mars in one of the new ion-turbo-drive ships they've recently developed.

The REAL Edith seems pretty nice though. That's who I'm staying with. And the cabin in the pines is not like I imagined. It's much nicer, like a scaled down Pocono retreat. We got a fire going. There's always a fire going. 'A' because it's the primary source of heat and 'B' because it's always dark now. Sunlight doesn't penetrate down through the watery shell. Scientists 'here' say that means the 'sky-sea' is at least six hundred feet deep. A few think it might be more than two thousand. Trees are still OK, at least in our part of the world. That's because it's almost winter here. The leaves are gone. Photosynthesis has stopped for the year. But other vital forms of plant life are dying. Sea plankton (from the real sea) is disappearing, so say good bye to the food chain. And the Southern Hemisphere can't grow anything at all. The news says some small scale cultivation is being attempted in large green houses equipped with row after row of ultra-violet 'grow' lights. Some people are doing the same thing here. The only problem is a tomato will cost more than a new brassiere.

It's scary out in the woods too. Bobcats are all around, big ones. Mr. Edith (her husband) says some of them might be lynx's. And the Jersey Devil population is getting a little berserk too. They run through the pines screamin' and screamin' . None of the 'elves and cherubs' like it. They're afraid to go out. Not that the equine monsters could do anything to them, what with their being vampires and all. But they're juvenile vampires and some of them are prone to bad dreams.

Let me tell you, it is PITCH BLACK outside. People burn wood for heat AND light. Candles are getting scarce too. Baylah, the Beyonce look-a-like vampire (I'm glad I was able to actually meet her), roams the pines searching for abandoned bee hives. She brings back the wax. Edith and the other Piney women know how to make it into candles. The Red Paint guys been trading root vegetables (they're big on preserving root vegetables) for batteries and stuff with people at the Fort Dix PX. I guess pickled carrots and turnips must  taste good, or something.

Nobody can make it out to Mars anymore. The ships can't pass through the sky-sea. It drowns the engines. They say one or two of the big ones got through. Radio guy said they cut power prior to 'submerging' and floored it once they got out. Inertia's what did it. A few want to try it again, but people are scared. They have to orbit just below the sky-sea line a couple dozen times to build up enough speed to bust out. And it's not like the fumes can just drift out into space. We are locked in a giant basement down here. Roaches seem to like it. They must be having permanent orgies, or something, 'cause you see 'em (well actually crunch or touch 'em) everywhere. They tell me the worst part is when they tickle your legs just as you're trying to fall asleep. A biologist on the internet (and for some reason, we only get that maybe an hour or two a 'day.') says we'll be eating them soon. Hey, they buy fried grasshoppers on the street in Mexico, so?

I guess Blackie and Minnie are still prowling 'round across the river, over in Philly. God, it's hard to believe they're real. Channeling is one thing. Feeling and seeing is something else.

I asked about my parallel universe duplicate over here. The Red Paint guys laughed. They know everything. One of their women (who looks just like famed alpine skier Peekaboo Street) told me that will never happen, 'cause I'm 'occupying his reality.'  I wonder if that means he's over there safe in my world?

Tonight we ate crayfish from this little stream they got, so I guess maybe next week it'll be time to move on to  roaches. I mean how different can they taste?

I like Pin Head Mel though. He's nice. He's a good soul. All this darkness doesn't bother him. He likes running through the inky woods. But before, when we were playing Yatzee, he told me he smells things, crazy things. I asked him what it smelled like. He said like the elves, but 'dirty... real dirty.' Baylah says we should be on the look out for 'noxious' vampires. She's a 'noble' like Jonathon and Sarah and all the others. But she knows....... she knows. Edith says they're already in the Poconos. I mean, she got the pow-wow in her and she just feels things like that..


gonna try making a new link collection. hope it works. I figure maybe things'll be different in this universe. I know I'll forget somebody, but consider this an experiment. if you want your link here, just leave a comment. imagine...commenting in a parallel universe. sure it's a close-by one, but still. please click on the SHARE button. (that's me) .....I don't think it's working. the magic must be too strong. but you just comment. that should still work.....

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