Thursday, March 8, 2012

These are the days of EL RANCHO TEXACO ..... Revelations

And then a certain heavy warmth penetrated the chamber. Whether from the intoxicating vapor, or some other source was difficult to tell. The Tuva-Tuva people spoke to each other, though none got up. They communicated in low voices. I know not what was said. It may have been a most ordinary conversation concerning their everyday lives. It may have been obscure incantations, I do not know. 

The Texaco Party began to lose consciousness. Each one simply curled up and slept. The orange skinned individuals did not sleep. Though they became very calm and relaxed, their eyes stayed opened. And oddly enough, blinking was very minimal. 

After a bit, the bob-cats quietly padded about, softly inspecting their slumbering guests. Then they silently filed out from the chamber to hunt among the cool, dark starlit ravines. 

Now the night sky of Mars surprises people. True, there's no real moon to speak of. It's dark. We've already covered that. But the constellations are the same. Newcomers expect to see different patterns but they don't. The distances are just too great. Orion may rise and fall at different times. But Orion is still Orion. And the others maintain their Earthly identities too. I know not which twinkling light plays the polar star. It is not Polaris. It is not Vega. That much is changed. But we are still within the human incubator, although snug in a different crib. The light still comes from the sun. I explained how we call that 'Kansas' now. And the warmth comes from there too.

Solar bursts produce auroras here, just as they do upon Earth. They may be somewhat lessened by the additional distance, but not much. Yet their electrical effects increase. Earth draws protection from her magnetic field. Mars lacks that insulating blanket. She has no hot, molten, iron core rotating deep within. Her 'batteries' are dead. 

For these reasons, some call this world a 'stepping stone'..... an 'almost Earth'......positioned so as to provide us the necessary training before we reach the stars. Europa and some of  her ice encrusted sisters do that too. But Mars is first.

Indeed, our solar system is a perfect nursery. First we crossed the oceans. Then we stretched a tiny bit and kissed the moon. And now we dance upon the russet plains of Mars. T'is pity we bring war. Perhaps the Tuva-Tuva folk know better?

And the master craftsmen and journeymen in the safety of Barsoom fashion lethal blades and tools. The pulse bomb works. They know that now. The bodies of the dead soldiers are retrieved, resting on cold steel slabs, deep within fantastically equipped laboratories, awaiting the laser's bite. 

Other soldiers combed the aftermath, collecting strange, dead souvenirs. Bits of former chupicabras.  Gooey slime that once was rock. The battered, sterile, dusty remains of a 'high end' tank bearing TEXACO vanity plates. 

What will Zeb do when he 'learns' they've all been killed? That's what they'll think. Must have ventured out of the tank just prior to the blast. Poor bastards never knew what hit them.......... 

Perhaps they think the 'chupi' slime is theirs?


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