Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Babe Among the Life-Eaters....more of Marianne's tale...

Every band of vampires is unique. Each keeps to their own ways. And my 'daddies and mommies' were no different. We traveled like Gypsies and slept in caves...deep caves...winding caves. No mortals ventured in. Human children were talisman...good luck charms, if you will. The 'hair of the dog,' so to speak. Did they believe in God? Was there a Higher authority? I suppose. The 'dominee' (for, oddly, that is what they truly called him) occasionally led services of a sort. They'd gather by moonlight in deep, forest glades, strip naked, join hands and dance. 'Fairy Circles,' the peasants called them. At  first, I was known by my mortal name. They called me Tilda. But then, a certain female clanswoman, possessed of an old, battered, leather Christian holy book, decided I was 'Marianne,' after the mother and Grandmother of the Son-God, Jesus. And do not hold me to specifics. I have never been trained in any faith. If my terms are not your terms, so be it. 

A self-satisfied bastard seated 'neath an extremely rare  Pizarro lithograph snorted. Marianne saw that and it angered her. Rapidly pulsating, blue-white tendrils of electricity vibrated all over her body. Smoke rose from her scalp. Her eyes burned red, boring into the self-satisfied bastard's gut. And two heartbeats later, he belched and spit up a gooey mass of wriggling maggots, dripping down from his chin, onto his chest. Women covered their eyes. Men clenched their jaws. She snapped her fingers. Well, maybe she did not snap them, but there was some sort of rapid hand gesture there and quick as a fleeting thought, the maggots disappeared. Marianne said - Judge me not, lowly cretin. Do you understand? ............ And the lowly cretin just nodded. One heartbeat later, his not quite so cretin wife passed him some Tic-Tacs for which he was sincerely grateful.

The Elferina - Vampirina continued, regaling those assembled with tales of  Breton  fire pits filled with shrieking, naked witches. Oh, the authorities were strict in those days. Fines? Please, don't make me laugh. All they knew was fire. Light 'em up and watch the fun. Can you even begin to imagine the hellish torment wrought by orange flames upon every part of a pitch soaked body? And I'm talking about scrotums and labia and nipples and all the rest. Did they die fast? Not always. Seven minutes was average. A few of the 'winners' made it to fifteen. And this little girl saw it all. You see, vampires can hide. They can blend in. Nosferatu? That's just a name, but they don't look that way, especially in the dark.

Oh, do not think that Marianne was already 'burdened' then. She was not. The 'change' did not come till her fifteenth year.....two months after her fourteenth birthday, to be exact. No one planned it. The dominee actually cried at the thought. But the Inquisitional noose was beginning to tighten....and they did it to save her 'life.'

Join us twenty four hours hence. The wee hours are so inviting. Have you ever witnessed a human 'pressing?' ........"I'll break every bone in your body!"....... You've heard that expression, have you not?........Well, at one time, it was real.

Good night..... Cover your head....Say a prayer.....Be safe.

A chill wind whips the streets tonight and spirits rattle doors.


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