Friday, April 13, 2012


They came closer. Occasional chairs inches forward. Heavier pieces stayed where they were, but the occupants leaned in. A log popped in the ornate fireplace, scenting the air with fine, cured apple-wood. Every eye focused on the'kiss.' Even the K.C.C. spaniels watched. 

An ormolu mantle clock softly counted heartbeats. The 'young' elferina - vampirina released the old man's hand and stepped back. She smiled. She nodded. Her benefactor did the same. Then she licked her lips (surprisingly quite clean) and helped him to his seat. He exhaled and sat down. The small, precise wound on his palm had already begun to pucker. Soon it would be healed........ A glass of wine, please - said the waif-ish enchantress....... And when it was brought forth, she gave it to the dapper, gentleman. He drank it down and mouthed a quick 'thank you.' A woman to his right bent toward him and whispered - Are you all right?......... He nodded and waved her off.

And Marianne continued - My life assumed a pattern. We followed a circuit, if you will, stopping in small towns and cities for blood. They fed in turn, never taking more than one victim in each locale. Our sleeping bowers kept by trusted familiars. A grotto here. A cellar there. A mausoleum made of stone. And I went  with them..... a stolen life (though not devoured) meant to give them luck. For had not God said He would spare Sodom for the sake of but one righteous soul?.... Well, I was that soul. They pampered me and bought me clothes, fine bisque dolls and soft, warm boots. I dined on savory, meat-filled pies and danced on graves 'neath moonlit skies. Raccoons and spiders were my friends. They tickled me and made me laugh.....(we interrupt to bring you this special report------- Just saw a clip from the new THREE STOOGES movie on Jimmy Fallon...the portrayals are spot on, exact. EVERYTHING  you remember from old classic two reelers and MORE. Sofia Vergara as a scientist. Larry David as a nun.... It's 'nyuk, nyuk, nyuk' time folks. Sneak in some passed date, dollar store candy and HAVE FUN!)......But then it happened. A certain familiar, a rather moon-struck (old term for lunatic) farm boy tried to manipulate the ether with a bit of purloined vampiric magic. And when fifteen rancid bats scurried out from Frau Burgermeister's vagina (causing her great consternation), escaped from her skirts and flew about the church, much to the chagrin of the prayer-foreman, or whatever they called him, the die was cast. Fingers quickly pointed to the deliriously pixilated youth (who had only meant to conjure up a fresh, hot, blackbird pie) and with the crushing of his second best big toe, the Inquisition discovered all. Seven weeks later, when next we came  to town, they were ready. Sentries watched from the trees. Men-at-arms, wielding specially blessed swords fashioned from the iron wedding rings (gold being too dear) of murdered brides, squeezed themselves into hastily excavated burrows. The leaden casks were waiting. The trap was primed and set. 

Did the 'dominee' sense something? I think he did. But as he had such low regard for mortals here abouts, he denied that which he knew to be true. Vampires can be foolish too. And so we suffered greatly. 

I'll have to continue tomorrow. The forty seven year old, cigarette stained housekeeper fell from her stool and cracked her head on the granite counter. Please forgive me. Roland needs my help. Let me see what I can do.

Until the night time comes again. And ghosts from all the churchyards rise.~~~~~~the Lady Marianne

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