Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The miraculous personages, know as Roland and Marianne request a bit of your time, in order to prepare you for the imminent return of EL MUNDO VAMPIRISMO. The cowboys will be afforded time enough to complete their tale. You need not worry 'bout that. Yet certain, rather less fictional, lanterns of enchantment must speak with  you....... Remember what went before. Some of what we told was true. And some pure fabrication. 

Roland shall go first. His words are quite dear, for he sheds so few. Those of his kind prefer mind-speak. But in consideration for our digital audience, he will graciously communicate in a more mundane manner.

And now...permit me to present the 'Elf' known as ROLAND---

A hush falls over the gilt, plush chamber. No sound, save for the soft, mellow chime of a fine mantle clock. Tiny, fingerlings of flame tickle forth from fragrant kindling arranged in a small, baroque, ceramic hearth. Those in attendance silently drink an old distillation of absinthe from delicate, cut crystal, Bohemian wine glasses. Some one clears their throat. Another guest whispers. The light is low, coming from two or three small, black shaded 'boudoir' lamps. The draperies are closed, sealing all in a warm, dim cocoon, safe from the chill, April night. A petit-palace, tucked away in Philadelphia's venerable Society Hill. And a fitting venue for an Elfin debut. 

A door opens. It must have opened. For he is here. And how else could he enter? A lithe, young man occupies the center of the compact space. His clothes are trim and true to his form. His hair falls in rich, brown curls. The ears have the tell-tale points. And the eyes a haunted, etherial glow. 

Ten thousand dollars a ticket. That's how much they paid. The proceeds go to charity, so they can write it off. A cocktail party. That's what it said. And who would know different? Yet this occasion is quite different. For the gossamer, rock candy glaze between our world and someplace else, is about to shatter....

He speaks...........................................................

My name is Roland. I am here to tell secrets and perhaps fulfill your dreams. You may see me as a vampire. My kind gathers under the same umbrella. But we are not the same. The magic settles differently upon us. Look at my teeth (he smiles..... and they can see the tiny points of sharp, white, canine fangs). I use them to draw blood. But not to take a life. Elf folk rarely do that. Now who would feel my kiss?

A demure, middle-aged maiden (with a rich father) timidly raises her thin, bird-like hand. The Elf nods and gestures toward her. She gets up, goes to him and waits. He studies her, slowly circling her body, sniffing the skin and tasting the salt. Then comes the embrace, Then comes the kiss. The well-heeled voyeurs watch in rapt anticipation. He breaks the skin. He tastes a drop and draws a little more. She sighs. He holds her, whispering in her ear. She giggles. It tickles. He lets go. She stumbles and falls into a chair. Then he addresses the crowd and says - Are there any questions?..........And one heartbeat later thirty hands desperately reach toward the sky.

Do you have any questions? Come back.....We're quite willing to tell you more.............


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