Sunday, April 22, 2012


We interrupt this story. Marianne cannot continue, at least not tonight. The old gentleman, the one she 'kissed' went into convulsions, apparently not caused by the 'kiss,' but brought on by something else. Roland, quite adept at telepathy, tastes a presence in the ether. It's strong. It's negative. And it's here in Philadelphia. An old adversary seems  to be back. The Brotherhood of Saint Shamus of Castle Mara has dispatched a monk...maybe two monks. The organization, completely unsanctioned by any mainstream church or denomination, sees itself as  an earthly manifestation of God's judgement. In some ways they're oddly similar to many vampires. But whereas the life-eaters cull the wicked, the 'Brotherhood' destroys 'enemies.'  And it does not take much to earn that label. 

Don't look for cassocks or robes. They do not wear them, preferring the simple, modest garb of working people. They're often accompanied by large dogs, former strays attracted by liberal handouts laced with human blood. It gives the canines a taste for what's to come. And while they obediently walk on lead by day, at night the packs run free, silently streaking through the knives aimed at human hearts. 

But the monks are always near, commanding them with quick, sharp snaps, or low, echoing whistles. See how they go to ground, disappearing behind dumpsters, hiding in shadows, padding down alleys. As near to invisible as corporal beings can be. Some say the larynx is removed. Some say they're bewitched.

The police know they're there. They have to. You know how gardeners like praying mantises, don't you? .... Well, then you understand. And you want to know something else?.... They know about 'our side' too. Nothing is ever said. The two never come together, but it's all just a case of 'my enemy's enemy is my friend.'

Keep your eyes open when you walk around late at night. Be quiet. And don't wear perfume or cologne. Look, I don't know what you're into, or what groups you belong to, but why make it easy for them? Better yet, take a cab..... And stay out of shadows.....

When you go out on the streets at're in for a big surprise.....

I'll tell you more. But they're closing in on two pathetic hookers on Seventeenth Street. Let me  go see if I can help.

Sometimes even disembodied spirits, like me, can do an awful lot.....


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