Wednesday, May 16, 2012

LOST EPISODES ARE FOUND ..ALBION (an elferino) conjures them back from The Akoshic Records

ALBION found something while searching through our history. Approximately 18 postings were lost. We are plagued by all manner of enchantment, some benign and some not so benign. With the help of EDITH, our Jersey Pine Barrens Pow-Wow Woman, he was able to conjure them back from the AKOSHIC RECORDS. We have them now and will post them, along with new material, from time to time. Yet they are there, if you's like to find them. Scroll down, or use the RSS. Be privy to secrets unknown  to most. 

And come back later tonight, when we share the story of ANNIE and her prey.

We of THE VAMPIRE WONDERLAND thank you, as we post this from the safety of our dens.


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