Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I could feel the cold. Temperatures at that depth hover near freezing. But my body was immune to it. Hypothermia does not effect us. I suppose it is possible to chill a vampire to the freezing point. Surviving records indicate the Germans experimented with that in the nineteen thirties and forties. I've seen the photographs. Doctor Franklin has copies. You should arrange for him to address this group. It would be very interesting. 

You know, of course, that I was not the only vampire of my type consigned to the deep. It was the usual form of disposal for elferinos and elferinas. Inland varieties suffered other tortures, but I am not familiar with their ordeals. Roland went through it.....(she gestured toward him and he nodded). So did Albion and Celeste... even the little cherubs. And not all of us were discovered. Some still lie entombed as we speak. I believe the motion picture conjurer, known as James Cameron, has images of mysterious, leaden caskets lying forgotten on the dark, empty abysmal plain...... Sometimes I hear their voices...... Are they in pain? Who can say?.... They abide and they dream..... They say Pat Croce... and we here in Philadelphia obviously know who he is, retrieved one during a salvage dive. Doctor Franklin says 'they' have it in Washington. Those in power have always been curious about vampires. But they exploit us and the end is always bad.

After a time I began to hear songs. Sperm whales regularly visit the sea bottom. It's where they hunt for giant squid. I've heard the battles. Indeed, my casket was even knocked around in one of them. You can't imagine the power those flukes have. But most of the time it was quiet. I contracted my soul into a dream-like state and tarried with my friends. Were they mortals? Hardly. I didn't know any mortals, save for my tormentors. They sold me away as an infant. But I knew badgers and vampires and crows and wolves. So I spent my time with them.

Once a ghost came by. They're there, you know, unfortunate souls lost at sea. Some wander the depths, like silvery wraiths flickering in the darkness with their own spiritual form of bio-luminesence. And it spoke to me. Was I scared? Yes, I was. Imagine being all alone on a wide featureless flatland.... no light..... no life..... no hope. Never did I feel so vulnerable. It saw me. It saw right through me. I felt it's bleak, dead breath upon my neck as it whispered - Dance through the wall. Come out and play........ Then it kissed me and disappeared. 

As it happened, I began to realize I could leave my prison... not in any physical sense. But my soul was free to fly out and explore. I saw jewel-like fish, glittering with their own magical light. Their numbers were few, but they occasionally swam through to dine on the decomposing bits of tiny offal raining down from above.

That's when I caught the attention of a whale. He was a great paragon among his people and a veritable prince of the sea. Had it not been for that worthy soul I might still be locked inside the tomb today.......

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