Thursday, May 31, 2012

The 'PLAYING VAMPIRE POKER IN ATLANTIC CITY' post originally appeared about a year ago, but it's a good one

And after you read that (scroll down. it's right below all this stuff) go take a look at . Sorry, I can't make the link 'clickable,' but go anyway and read the blog. It's worth it. Then check out the stuff at and and and . Little 'Bastid' Annie will be back tomorrow night...... Just suffering from a touch of vampire ennui.... You know how it is.....Oh! And if you find, or know of a deserving site, please leave a COMMENT . Also, whatever happened to DARK SHADOWS ? I'd love to hear what you think about that one. And is TRUE BLOOD basically just a whole lot a good looking, soft porn, but only everybody has to have a  real sloppy, bloody chin?

hit the SHARE BUTTON... give our regards to your friends..... and I really mean it about the COMMENTS..... I WILL draw attention to them..... we've had almost 36,000 hits, so somebody looks at this stuff... (I wish it was more though..... Why don't you send all your fancy 'celebrity' friends over, 'kay?)

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O. G. Tomes said...

Barnabus Collins... should still be alive or unalive=0)) Vampires!