Monday, May 14, 2012

The Vampires' BOOK OF FANGS

It is I, Tomas, also known as Jonathon. This one is now presently ensconced in safe quarters. I am back in the City Between the Rivers. In this case the Delaware and the Schuylkill. Philadelphia has been my home for centuries. I have slept in many places. Now, I 'bunk' with they who dwell in the deepest tunnels...the 'mole' people. It is quiet down here. The 'Enemy' cannot touch us. So I sit in a chamber, once part of a long forgotten and never used subway line, down beneath the narrow streets of China Town.

The orange glow of sterno suits me. Papa says it resembles tallow pots in old, Cro Magnon dwellings. We sit on silken cushions purloined from fine, brick, townhouses. At times I 'take' the hookah...... apple wood and cinnamon.... my favorite. Aura and Sylvia (they who now bear those names) massage me. And I, in turn, am free to tickle them. How large their eyes are. They glitter like diamonds. I suppose that's just an adaptation to the dark. And later, when I am done this tale, they'll 'pillow' with me. My 'Gold.' My 'Silver.' For that is what their names mean. And that is what they are.

But now, I have new truths to tell. We've sojourned together for twenty one months. Time to draw you deeper down the well. I know many recall LA CIENCIA VAMPIRISMO, that venerable book of vampire lore I bear from ancient Spain. You've seen things. You've peeked. I know it. The night world is intensely rich. And I am...very proud of it. But there are older books. Papa has one, as yet unmentioned... until now. He's off pleasuring some 'familiars' in Queen's Village. That's why I can talk..............Uhmmmm...wait...please wait.... Aura strokes my favorite spot. (deep sigh...and then an almost a purring sound)......... (low, breathy voice) Kindly permit me to collect myself. (he lays there, supine, as she 'refreshes' him with a cool, scented cloth)..... 

It's time to enter the fearful pages of the Grantha Danshh-Traa. I believe the words are proto Sanskrit, put down before the proverbial 'coming of the moon.'  And they mean 'the book,' or in this case, 'The Scripture of Fangs.'  Lineage is 'all' in the night world. We descend  from primal lines. Sarah came from me. I came from the one known as 'Papa' and he was whelped by the great, enduring she-creature known as Renate.

But there is more to it than that. Return when next the darktime comes again. And I will show you the lacework that holds YOUR world together.

We are the source of all things weird and wonderful. The font of all magic. The bearers of old burdens. Rememberers of spells.

Now  go. One of the mole people will lead you back up. And I hope our nakedness does not offend you, but it's so much more 'convenient' way down here...


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