Sunday, May 20, 2012


Zebulon flits through the old, stiff, vellum pages of Tomas' copy of LA CIENCIA VAMPIRISMO and since the book's possessor prepares for a SOUL PARADE, I will share some things. Creatures of the night have few worthy enemies. True, they cannot sublimate through lead. Those of you familiar with Marianne's transformation know that. But they can sublimate through just about anything else, rendering said substance into a shredded, pulpy mass. Human adversaries quickly resemble bloody, lumpy, viscous, steaming puddles. Sometimes an eyeball remains intact. Occasionally a tooth floats around in the mess. Feral cats seem to like it. Rats and pigeons too, so I'm told.

Some fall prey to beheadings. Yet should the vampire have but a moment to compose herself, she can easily sublimate through the blade and survive unscathed...provided the neck-slicer isn't made with lead. Certain headsmen in polities rife with life-eaters, commission blades made from a lead containing alloy, called demonbane. It is brittle, but reliable in such instances.

Dogs and by extension wolves play a role in their eradication as well. Attack by a feral pack sends the vampiric victim into a petit mal type trance. They fall to the ground trembling, while the sharp, gnashing teeth tear them to bits. Wise men versed in such things claim it's naught but an exaggerated superstition. A belief prevalent in the nighttime world, however based on no actual fact. Others say such animal attacks are God's way to call the offending creature 'home.'

I had planned on sharing more, but a few spirits close to me are fond of the life-eaters and loathe to share their secrets. Please note that I  have vampire friends, yet that doesn't make me a fool. I've seen incorporal beings, such as myself, transported to the surface of the sun....and they're never the same after that...

Imagine the hellish monstrosities writhing across  that monstrous orb. It's as if Dante's Inferno grows the crops.


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