Monday, May 7, 2012

You wanna cry and go 'awww'? Read the first three episodes of THE LITTLE MATCH BOY...(they're right down below...but DON'T just click on this...Go read them)

Can't post new material tonight. Must curl up and sleep, so I can be at the doctor's office tomorrow morning (actually eight hours from now) at 8am. So I put up the first three episodes of  THE LITTLE MATCH BOY, my reinterpretation of the Hans Christian Andersen, poignant classic. 

If you like it, please continue from there. It's got waxy skinned misers, berserk, old, murderous maniacs skittering across icy streets, an adorable puppy, angel-like spirits of the dead, real Czech expressions (this is old, imperial Prague, after all) plus the requisite chorus of homeless, ragged orphans. A little like ANNIE... but ain't no Daddy Warbucks here. LES MISERABLES for children.... Go...see.....But first you better get out your handkerchiefs...


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