Friday, June 8, 2012


The monk-not-quite- a monk felt the breath against his throat. He laid down upon the bare, gray mattress and stared up into the darkness. The night creature said - Will you always stand by me?....... He whispered - Yes.......... The night creature said - Will you take your rest where I take mine?......... He nodded....... Then it asked for presents..... not now.....just from time to time. He promised. Then the night creature kissed him, a small, chaste kiss upon his cheek. The voice said - Do you love me?...... The monk-not-quite-a-monk whispered - I don't know.... Then it giggled. Odd to think about vampires giggling, but of course they giggle. They can do anything. Four heartbeats later, it stopped. For a few moments, all was silent. Then it whispered - You will. 

Strong, thin hands grabbed his head, contorting it, the better to expose the artery. He fought at first. Instinct is instinct. But the tiny voice went - shhh, shhh...... And he stopped. Two heartbeats later, he felt the first bite. A tiny nip. A small, sharp cut. A personal intimacy unlike any other. And then the blood began to flow. Soon there were other bites, quick, little nibbles spread over his body..... the inside of a forearm....... along the bicep.... the calf..... the cheeks..... and other equally sensitive places. 

Now death usually comes to those so drained, but the thing-in-the-night returned the favor, slicing into its own vampire flesh and offering up a rare elixir unlike any other. The monk-not-quite-a-monk drank, at first tentatively, but then with gusto, till his mysterious benefactor whispered - Stop!...... And he did.

They lay there, motionless and quiet for perhaps twenty three heartbeats. And then the dogs began to howl. They knew. They sensed the transformation and even from their prison in the abandoned office far below, they tasted this new and different thing.

The vampire said - Come. It is not over yet...... She helped him to his feet, took him by the hand and led him up through the emptiness to the cool, black expanse of the tar coated roof, where a huge, full, rabbit moon (as the Chinese say) smiled down.

And then the 'peeling' started. She wanted him to lie down. But he preferred to stand, as the last bits of mortality fell away.

When it was over she dried him with a crumpled sheet (brought solely for that purpose) and dressed him in new clothes.

Five minutes later it was time to feed.

And Annie helped him chose his first true meal...


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