Sunday, June 10, 2012


They did kill that bitchy, ticket booth woman after she got off work. Had to wait around til after the late show. She had to stay and help 'clock out' the clean up crew. But they got her in some parking garage. Lot a folks dies in parking garages. Must be like a basic, fundamental law of the universe, or something. I bet some a the people in the Bible must a got whacked in parking garages, only they just don't like to say. I mean they keep a lot a secrets from us, don't you know.

Annie walk up to her as she gettin' in her Nissan Altima. I like Nissan Altimas. They give you a lot a bang for the buck. Hell, even a disembodied spirit know a good deal when he see it. Fat bitch turn 'round and say - What you doin' here, you cheap, piece a trash you? Doan your daddy know no better?......... Annie doan say nuthin'. She jus' haul off and kick her, right in the middle of her too-tight-pants camel toe. Ticket lady start hollerin' and yellin' and all. Guatemala kid workin' down in the exit booth see the whole thing. He got a little, black and white, old fashioned, baby television, or something. Only he so high he think he watchin' like COPS or Super Nanny or Jerry Springer. You know a lot a people get kicked in they camel toe on that show. It like a tradition.

Then, after ticket lady get beat up real good, Annie yell for her new buddy, Conrad, a come over. He wanna. He eager, only he doan know too much yet. So Annie punch that dinner-woman right in a face to calm her down a little. You know, you punch somebody hard enough, it gonna do that. Annie say - Here. Take her. Eat her. Slurp her up. Come on. I wanna go watch television......... So he do. He kneel down and he do. Took 'bout five whole minutes, 'cause she got all that extra blood in her. Big people are like that. Then he keep burpin'. Annie say - You disgustin'!....... He say - I'm sorry....... But that doan stop him burpin' none. You know, some vampire just reacts that way.

They wait 'round for the 'leftovers' a that first dinner to burn up. Some a you already know how vampire leftover do like that. It go 'WHOOSH!' an' a cold, blue flame make it all disappear. Conrad, he 'mazed by the whole thing. He jus' stand there, til Annie bite 'im real hard on a finger (you know how she do wit' toes and all?). She say- Come on. We gotta get outta here....... 'Cause like he can't sublimate, or do no vampire magic yet. So they jump in a that Altima and screech the hell outta there. Guatemala kid wave bye-bye . But Annie jus' give him the finger.

Later, they sell that car to some off duty cop for like five hundred dollar. He know where to fence it, so it all right. 

Did that fat, bitch, ticket lady deserve to die?..... Hell, no. But I tellin' you how it really is and not how them blood suckers make like it is.

Oh, they mean well. And they do help sick people from time to time, 'specially Sarah. But they also do lot a crazy shit too.

Now Annie and that Conrad, monk guy in a hotel up on JFK Boulevard. He drinkin' little thirty two dollar bottles a whiskey from a miniature ice box and she layin' on a bed watchin' TRUE BLOOD, bitchin' 'bout how them phony, bastid, red neck vampire make her wanna puke. He say (Conrad, I mean) - You sure you ought a be lookin' at that hootchie crap? ....... But she tell him to go to hell and zoom in for a close-up...

Oooh, them vampire children can be bad....

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