Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rainy Night Truths from the Pages of LA CIENCIA VAMPIRISMO

I am Edith and I am all alone. It's shaping up to be a cool, damp summer. The Pines are nice when it rains... nothing hard, just a gray, soft drizzle. I've left the vampires for a few nights, returning to my cabin in the evergreens. When it gets hot, I will go back. The vampires almost always have air conditioning. But for now, I will abide here among my own. 

Mister Edith, my current husband is gone off hunting. He has a special fondness for muskrat and they're in season now. I cook them up with a salt rub, pine nuts and honey-smoked-bacon. Even the vampires are tempted to lick the pan.

It's almost 1amEDT. I sit, a solitary figure upon a little porch. Was raining before. Dried up a bit now. TV on inside. It's just a little, twelve inch black and white with tin foil earrings. But it brings in all my talk shows. They my company. Them and all the ghosts. I say howdy to 'em as they pass through the woods. Some won't even give you the time a day, or night. But a few stop and stare. That is mostly all they do. They cease drifting, float over to the other side a my railing, hover just above the dirt and acknowledge me for a little bit. I say - God bless you. Tell 'em I'll pray for them and all, before they fade off. It's nice to know they're out there, 'cause the Pines can be very scary late at night. 

I got Tomas' book with me. I got La Ciencia Vampirismo...The Science of Vampirism. It is an old, vellum text. Some say the skin is human. But I don't know. And he never says.  Oh, you know how fussy he is about it, but he trusts me. I  got my own kinda Pow-Wow, Piney magic too, don't you know. So I ain't exactly helpless. Can scrail the future real good too. Other'n that I mostly just human.

But let me tell you something. You gotta think of magic, real magic, as a string. And that string got lots a knots. Vampires is one knot. Elves is another. Each one just a place where the magic swirls 'round and does something different. You heard bout the mer-folk and the cherubs and the Jersey Devil and all, so you know. 

'Cept there's some secrets you do not know. Noble vampires and Noxious vampires ain't all there is. You see, magic ain't got no fences. It just flows and bounces and creeps and splashes any which way it likes. Some human beans, or former human beans, do shimmy-sham theyselves into critters. I seen butterfly-vixens..... Some a them are so beautiful. But not when they uncurl that tongue (you know, like a butterfly sippin' straw) and shove it down your throat, suckin' up everything you got. And let me tell you, they big eaters too. 

Look, I know you want me to learn you bout werewolves, but I can't. I just cannot do that. You will have to trust me. Told too much already. But maybe it's not my fault. Book does that sometimes. Words start crowdin' your mouth and next thing you know you speechifying..... tellin' all kinds a stuff what shouldn't be said.

You can feel magic. It is like a little hum, or a fleeting sizzle. Guess it some sort a energy or somethin'. Like static 'lectricity, but not exactly. Dogs know when it's there. Cat's too. Some spiders dance on the web when it tickle they belly.

June twenty first the beginning a magic time. Midsummer's Night, they call it. 'Cept that only in Ireland, or them Celtic places. 'Round here it just when school let out. But that's the night when learnin'  truly begins.

So don't be no stranger. We here every night. You might as well be too. 

Now let me look through these pages some more and find something else I can learn you. Come back tomorrow, 'cause I gotta go inside and watch a rebroadcast a Kathy Lee and Hoda in a few minutes....

'Scotosh bedosh... Bedosh bopost... Bopost skeedosht'.....


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