Saturday, June 30, 2012


The huge whale surfaced just off the coast of a small island. A lacy, veil of windswept clouds raced 'cross a yellow moon. And then he began to sing. Tomas felt the pulsating rhythms. He pressed into Luna. She felt them too. Ten heartbeats later, the opaque, rubbery barrier, secreted by the leviathan, began to deteriorate. Strips of thick, elastic mucus peeled back, exposing the vampire couple to the chill, night air. The lights of Bermuda glowed over the horizon, but our preternatural twosome was headed somewhere else. 

Tomas kicked off from his gigantic steed. Luna did the same. They swam through the sea  toward the island, wading up onto a crowded rookery. Masses of sea birds, large gulls, or perhaps some type of albatross, screamed at their advance, surrendering just enough space for the invaders to sit down. 

He brushed back her hair, flicked little bits of seaweed from her smooth, white skin and kissed her. She trembled, not from the cold, but in anticipation. Papa was practiced. Papa was thorough. Papa was good. And he satisfied himself, there in that enchanted place, before an audience of dozing smelt-eaters and their wide-eyed, fuzzy chicks. Luna found pleasure too. And they held each other upon the soft, gray sand.

The vampirina listened to his heartbeat. She heard it quicken and looked up as the first merman emissary broke the surface. How very human he looked..... How very 'terrestrial'... a well formed head.... a strong, thick neck and broad, shapely shoulders. He bore no sash or torque. There was no outward sign of rank. But he said something, or rather made some foreign, sea-folk sounds. Papa responded in Old Vamperigo, a very early dialect, akin to ancient Lusitanian tongues spoken in Western Iberia eons ago.

They got up, stepped down along the beach, careful not to harm their avian neighbors, and walked into the sea. Fifteen heartbeats later, the silvery wavelets reached their chins and they began to swim out to a place where a squadron of merman circled 'round them. Some reached out to stroke their thighs and calves. Sea-folk love exploring dry-folk legs. And Luna gasped as they tickled some where else...... Soon after, the mermen descended. The vampires followed. And the last thing to show above the moonlit ripples was the glistening, rounded orbs of Luna's cheeks...


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