Saturday, July 28, 2012

This IS NOT the Post. This is just a 'heads up' alerting you to read the posting right below...

Go read the Book of Sarah post right under this one. It's from the 'early nights'...about two years ago. Annie is still a bewitched little mortal and Papa is still a prisoner in a deep, rock bound, quasi Vatican controlled dungeon. He's been there for centuries. But his mind is free to wander through creation. Annie knows him as 'the shaky hand man'...... I think only four people read it back then and that's a shame. The early story arcs were real good.

Please take a look. Wander through a here-to-fore unknown world.... a vampire 'reality' waiting to be discovered. Practice a little digital archaeology and find it.

Thank you...and as the 'life-eaters' say ----- May you never know fear. May you never know pain. May you hide from death now and for forever...

REMEMBER---- We only PRETEND that it's fiction.


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