Tuesday, August 21, 2012

YOUR BODY IS WONDERLAND.... the vampirino and vampirina rediscover each other

It was quiet in the subterranean bower... no traffic sounds.... no air conditioner noise. Just two completely bare, supernatural beings, the cool, dark, silence and the rose petals. God knows how the 'familiars' did this. Must of had someone down here stripping blossoms for hours..... A deep, soft, fragrant nest. 

He held her close and whispered in her ear. The words were in old Vahmpeerigo, or possibly just classical Castillian. Sarah didn't know. But that wasn't important, for she did not have to know.... She could feel. And he ran his hands down her body. She quivered. He pulled in closer, artfully preparing her for more.   Then she turned to face him and returned the favor, savoring the taste of his salty flesh. 

And in that special moment before the rapture they coupled..... a vampirino and his protege..... a sire and his offspring...... Did you know that Sarah  came from his human line? ..... One thousand years lay between them, but the link was there just the same..... A union like few others..... A pleasure rare and strong. 

He inhaled, breathing in the vapors of her pliant, smooth, young body. The night had been her world for but two years. Her youth was real youth and he relished it. 

They moved as one, sharing such sensations as only their kind can.

And when she trembled... and when he trembled, they lay quiet in the blackness trading nibbles, like hungry puppies waiting to be fed.

Soon they played again.

The others slept upstairs in snug, little jewel-box quarters, with teak wood, handmade shutters to block out all the light. 

Edith sat in the kitchen eating pancakes. A painting had just been delivered, all the way from Brisbane. Sarah saw it  one night on the internet, back when they were still with Doctor Franklin. A cool, damp stroll through a flower-filled, Australian, night garden. wilkravitz (the familiar responsible for posting most of this) communicated with the artist, one @Twit__Trending (on TWITTER), but other eyes and other ears were privy to it all...and so the gift arrived. 

Perhaps at dusk the 'boys' would help her hang it? Sarah could chose the spot.

Edith chuckled and wondered if the artist, all the way around the globe, on the continent of Australia, knew her work would grace the walls of 'night-folk.'

Remember.... we only pretend that this is fiction...


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Deby said...

The good thing is the paintings I do are all in "the night" bright but at night ;))) so they fit well with ... The people of the night" ... thanks xx