Sunday, September 23, 2012

MADAM SHANG PUTS PAPA DOWN ~~~ the novelty wears off

She looked at him. Madam Shang studied the handsome, twenty eight thousand year old vampirino. He seemed frozen, caught in mid gesture, like a gnat in amber. Demi-Goddesses can do that. Time means nothing. Distance is nonexistent. And she sighed, for she knew there were other beings to have fun with. 

Papa also wearied of the experience. What did reality mean to a creature like her, an accidental tourist passing through the lives and worlds of others? Did she ever care? Perhaps when she was human and even as a vampire, but obviously not now. And in Shang's case 'now' went back a very long time.

She was in 'spider phase' now, inhabiting the physicality of a huge, intricately articulated arachnid. Oddly beautiful in a way. This one was devoid of fur, flaunting a multicolored, jewel-like carapace. And Papa was Papa, caught in a web that spanned the stars. Sometimes she rubbed his belly. Two toed spider feet (or are the front ones 'hands'?) can be gentle...when they want to be. 

Tiny beings, some human, some not, screamed, as she lowered her monstrous cephalo-thorax (roughly analogous to a head) the better to inject them with clear, hot poison running down from her needle-like fangs.

Papa didn't like her crude burlesque of 'el mundo vampirismo,' but that life was so far behind her she barely remembered it. Goddesses will have their fun. 

She considered eating him. Oh, the experience would be real. For are we not all just complicated electrical sparks? Yet a mind above hers said - No....... Perhaps it was The Jade Emperor Himself, or some other heavenly functionary. So she demurred. Although he was carefully wrapped in a silk cocoon and tucked in a safe, dry place.

And there she left him.... lost among the stars, or the illusion of stars, as she re-constituted her 'human' form and swam off to toy with children. 

Unfortunately, Papa's delicate condition was far from unique. Over the eons others were like-wise disposed, hung in abeyance 'tween the spirit and the flesh. But this one had talents of his own and he roused them so he could escape....

Yet he brought the 'shroud' back with him. The silk of a demi-goddess holds power. And the vampires would one day find use for it...

So a strange gaseous cloud blew sun-ward from the stars, as Papa advanced back home.

The ghosts of The Pine Barrens felt it. And they danced and swirled through the branches 'neath the kiss of a full, ivory moon...


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