Sunday, October 14, 2012


It's surprising how quickly things return to normal. Edith took her to the exterminator's for fresh-killed roaches. You know how much she loves to use them in her little diaramas? And Annie was quieter than usual. When she had to throw up ice cream, she did it carefully over the sink. 

Sarah was very pleased to see the 'human' side of her very special, little girl. Conrad and Leo went back to their nonsense. Now they're designing video games. Some kid from Drexel University helps them. He don't know they're vampires. He just thinks they're weird. Basically, what's the difference? 

Baylah went back to her snug, cozy jewel box of a place atop the piano bar. She might be at the shore now, for all I know. That's her business. Misses her mortal boyfriend. That's what I'm told.  Tomas bought a puppy. He got it for Annie. So you know Edith's gonna be the one taking care of it. It's a real cute, little Yorkie. Tomas named him after some kid he knew back in Old Al Andaluz (Andalucia). They used to  ride together. Scrappy little boy, just like the big-eyed little puppy. So he named him Avi, which is short for Abraham. Hope the thousand year old spirit of that Andalucian kid likes it.

Oh! before I forget. Mister Old Bones is still with us. He wanders. Sometimes he stays with Doctor Franklin and the technicians at the 'Bureau.' They experiment on him. Pretty hard to 'kill' him, since he's a vampire, so he don't mind. Besides, Neanderthals are in right now, especially since they've determined that every modern human has up to four percent Neanderthal DNA. You see, they never went extinct. We have met the Neanderthals and they are us. Actually, Mister Old Bones would really prefer Neanderthal victims. He'd find one every once in a while running around in the forests of Siberia. Yeah, they were rare, but they popped up from time to time. Doctor Franklin can't get him any, so they feed him big-boned, boxy, coarse faced bastards. Mister Old Bones knows the difference. But he makes do. Tomas is still deciding whether to take the stone age specimen to 'Revels.' It's not clear if they had anything like that back in his day. Who knows? Perhaps his very unusual physicality will guarantee social success. 

Even Blackie and Minnie came by. They rarely show up here. That's just how they are. Not 'lone wolves' exactly, but veering in that direction. Minnie brought her (Annie, I mean) some Bonnie-Bell makeup. Blackie gave her some tabloid magazines. She can't read all the words, but Edith or Sarah read them to her before she goes to sleep. Annie loves hearing stories about the Kardashian girls and their illustrious asses. That makes her laugh.  And she says she misses her little mortal friend, the one whose mother fed her shitty pizza. I forget where they're living now. Maybe still in Chestnut Hill. Who knows?

I haven't mentioned Papa yet. He's here, or 'near,' but we don't see him, not in the flesh. Tomas says he hovers over us. At least for now he's interested. The woman who fed her kid shitty pizza used to really love him. You know he looks like a thirty two or thirty three year old Richard Gere. And sometimes he plays it up. Used to 'mush up' with the shitty pizza woman all the time. Maybe we ought to find her? Might induce him to materialize.

Edith  got the place looking real nice. Hardwoods shine. Area rugs all freshly vacuumed. Doo-dads all dusted. You know, how a Society Hill, red brick, townhouse residence should look. Little tiny back yard got mum plants. Even got a little Japanese looking tree too.

They ain't due to feed for a few weeks. Sarah still makes her rounds with the little blood vials to like hospitals, street folks and poor people. They love her. Think she's a guardian angel. Tomas does it too, but he don't make a big thing out of it. 

I think tomorrow night most of them are going to King of Prussia. That's a suburban town. You know, where the huge mall is. Gotta buy clothes for 'The Revels.' If you do not know what I am talking about, scroll down two or three posts. You'll see.

Little Avi is sooo cute. Probably gonna buy him some doggy-duds and toys and stuff too.

It's real quiet around here now. Edith is still awake. She's sitting in the kitchen hunched over a copy of WeirdNJ, that's her most favorite magazine. Like a gossip book for her folk, for The Pineys. But if you want to know the truth, they all read it around here. Jersey full of weird stuff. Vampires love that. Go look. Go look on Twitter. Go find @weirdNJ. You'll see. And if you want to know who you've been talking to, it's me, the ghost kid from the cellar. I like all that weird stuff too..... if you want to know the truth.... All right, all right. I know I say that a lot. But I'm dead, OK? So cut me some slack.



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