Wednesday, November 14, 2012

16TH NaNoWriMo NOVEL IN A MONTH episode for 11/14/12

Bingo Boy - post 16

You see they got these narrow, little access roads in the Pine Barrens. Built 'em so fire fighting equipment could get in deep where it's needed. But when you drive along on a dark night it's real easy to turn off on one and not know it. Sometimes they veer off on a slight angle and you think you're still goin' straight. That's what happened to Ricky. Thought he was keepin' to county road five sixty something. Only now he's on Hoochie-Koochie Lane to Nowhere. No lights. No nothin'..... And Jimmy startin' a wake up. And I do not know why he does like he does. But now he's singin' Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans. See, he's a little bit conscious. But his brains is still good and rattled. Little Chrissie give him the bottle. He start suckin' on it. She figure since he probably gone be permanently dead in a few minutes, might as well ease into it little bit at a time. Make it easier that way. 

Ricky inch along till he find a wide spot on the shoulder. Then he pull in real tight by them trees. Nobody come back here. Think they got rangers but they sure ain't 'round here. He say - Yo, Jimmy...Jimmy... come on. you gotta take a leak?..... Jimmy snorts and goes - Yeah, gotta take a leak....... Little Chrissie goes - Take him fast. He gone in the car. Get him out. Get him out.........

Ricky manages to yank him out of the car. He grabs him 'round the chest and backs him into the trees. Jimmy's heels scrape against the dirt. And he's peein' all the way. The stain on his pants gets bigger and wetter and darker. Four heartbeats later, Ricky leans him against a tree and steps back, as Jimmy slowly slides down onto the forest floor. Then he goes - Ah...that's better. A good pee. A good pee. A good pee.

Ricky whispers to Little Chrissie. He goes - What do I do now?.... But before she can answer, Jimmy starts bellowin' another Ukrainian folk song...... Ricky kicks at his legs and goes - Stop yodelin'! Stop yodelin', you low-life, son of a bitch!... But it don't do no good. Then he goes - Chrissie! Chrissie! Chrissie! Get me the knife. Get me the tape........ She trots back to the car. Now she's holdin' the flashlight and that goes with her, so they're left in the dark. Pitch black. No light and Jimmy bellowin' away. 

Then she comes back and hands the 'killer supplies' to Ricky. Jimmy sees the big knife. It's like a Bowie knife. It's like a pirate knife. It's silver. It gleams..... Jimmy goes - No! No! No! No! No!.... But Ricky grabs the flashlight from under Little Chrissie's arm and deftly plants a few more whacks on Jimmy's already punished head.

Little Chrissie starts scratchin' her neck. She goes - Look at me. I'm gettin' all bit up. They're eatin' me alive. Ricky says - What are you talkin' about? What's eatin' you? It's so cold, they're all dead........ Oh, I don't know. I don't know. - she says. What the hell are we doin' here? Hurry up. I want it to be done. I want it to be done. What am I doin' here?......

Ricky goes over to Jimmy. At first he wants to sit down and straddle his legs. But the pissed up pants won't let him. So he kneels down in the dirt and goes to work, rippin' off huge ribbons a duct tape and using them to bind Jimmy to the tree. But bein' a beginner, he does more than bind him. He practically mummifies him to the tree. Least the knife was good for something. You try tearin' duct tape with your bare hands...... Then he gets up, staggers back and surveys what he's done. He hefts the knife and looks at it. He looks at Jimmy. He looks at the knife........ Little Chrissie whispers - Ricky! Ricky! What are you gonna do?...... But he don't answer. I guess it's instinctive. I guess he got this side in him all along. And now it comin' out. Now it comin' out real good. Then he tears off a piece a tape, knife-gouges a few little holes in it and slaps it on the victim's flaccid mouth.... But that wakes him up. Jimmy's eyes open wide. He starts kickin'. He starts sqirmin'. He starts screamin'. The tape does a pretty good job stiflin' it, but the noise makes Ricky nervous. And he stomps off into the trees..... Little Chrissie goes - Ricky, Ricky, where you goin'?...... And he mumbles - To get the gun.

Uh, oh, Jimmy heard that. Geez, look at him. He's goin' manic. He's smashin' his head back against the tree trunk. He's tryin' a get loose, but he can't. Christ, the back a his head is all bloody. Looks like he's gonna choke...... Little Chrissie just stands there, shufflin' from foot to foot. I think she's hyperventilating too.

Then we hear the car door open. We hear it close. We hear his footsteps and he's back. Jimmy fights to breathe. We see the tape move in and out over the little bit of space between his lips. The now vulnerable bastid locks eyes with Little Chrissie. They seem to share a moment. But it's too late. Ricky's back. What can she do?

Then Ricky very calmly levels the gun, points it at Jimmy and goes - Now how 'bout if I make it easy for you? I'm gonna give you a choice. What's it gonna be, the heart, or the head?.....

Jimmy shrieks. He's berserk. He's crazy. Stuff like this don't happen to him. His eyes go all wild and red. We see the tape pulse back and forth, as Ricky quietly says - Make up your mind, or there's gonna be a third choice (and he points the gun toward Jimmy's crotch) but that one's gonna be mine.....

And Little Chrissie just stands there, like Lot's Wife. She don't move a muscle, as the whole proposition gets all of a sudden real...


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