Monday, November 26, 2012

28TH BINGO BOY episode for 11/27/12

Bingo Boy - post 28

So they laid in bed and before they fell asleep a fight broke out in the middle of the street. Two neighbors hollerin' over a parkin' space. Thirty seven degrees...a cold, clammy mist... and they're fighting. Real Jerry Springer shit. All 'F' you and 'go to hell' and 'M-F' and 'C-S'er'... Look, excuse all the capital letters. But I am one a them ghost-narrators that wasn't raised that way. If I ever said those words I'd a been a ghost a lot earlier. I can guarantee you that. Now Ricky and Little Chrissie sleep in the back. The master bedroom, partitioned into two for Marge and the baby faces the street. And glass was breakin' out there. And fists was flyin'. A forty seven year old and a twenty six year old. And the forty seven year old was plenty fat. More like a sixty seven year old. Baby wakes up. Look, he hears noise, he gets scared. It's natural. Little Chrissie runs in to get him. She tells Marge to go wait it out in the little room in the back. But it ain't got no bed, just an old metal desk and a wood foldin' chair. Think they got a little radio in there and some old magazines, but I don't know. Anyway, Marge ain't gonna budge. Street fights is free entertainment. So she sits on an old milk crate (used for laundry) by the window and peeks out under the shade.... Forty seven year old had a stroke. I saw him leave his body. Said - Christ! what the 'F' happened a me!?... Wife ran out in a little knee length slip or somethin'. I don't think she wears dresses to work. I think she just likes wearin' a slip. Takes one look at the bloated turd on the sidewalk and tears into the twenty six year old. Starts scratchin, cuttin', kickin', bitin'. Dogs is barkin'. People start yellin' for Jesus Christ. But the cops got there first and broke it all up. Funny thing is the baby fell right back to sleep, snuggled there in the bed between Ricky and Little Chrissie.

Then, when the sirens stop and everything, Marge runs in to talk about it. Street 'troubles' are relished around here. Said she saw 'his body.' Said she saw  'Dirty-Neck's' skinny knocker fly out. Saw the twenty six year old tattooed guy bleedin' and all. Just wants a sit on the bed and keep talkin' about it. But Little Chrissie wants the baby to keep sleepin'. So she tells her to go down and see if Jimmy's OK. Maybe bring him a tuna fish sandwich, or somethin'. Marge likes bein' with Jimmy, so she goes. 

Ricky says, in a real low voice, almost a whisper, but not a whisper - We gotta get outta here. We got some money. He'll (Marty) give us more. I can't take this. Come on, you want him (the baby) growin' up 'round here?...... She goes - No...... He goes - Well?.... She says - But what about Jimmy? What, we're gonna ask the real estate lady if by any chance the new place comes with a dungeon or somethin' ?

So they just lay there thinkin', cuddled 'round the baby til they all fall asleep...

But down in the basement, Marge tells Jimmy (who was a little shook up by the noise, but otherwise OK, because he couldn't tell what was goin' on.) that Mary's sister across the street, Too-Many-Cookies, was lookin' at their house real funny like. 

He wants a know if Too-Many-Cookies is a Indian name. But she says- No..... Her name was just plain 'Cookie' til she put on a lot a weight and then it just got changed....


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